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AFR/RC41/R3: Acute respiratory infections (ARI)


Academic year: 2022

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AFR/RC41/R3: Acute respiratory infections (ARI) The Regional Committee,

Considering Resolution WHA44.7 of the World Health Assembly calling on Member States to establish national ARI control programmes which should be integrated into primary health care;

Considering that Member States have endorsed the African Health Development Scenario as an organizational framework for accelerating the achievement of HFA/2000;

Bearing in mind that ARI are a major public health problem in the countries of the Region;

Concerned with the magnitude of childhood mortality due to ARI which has been highlighted in the Regional Director's report;

Having studied the Regional Director's report:

1. THANKS the Regional Director for his concise and comprehensive report;

2. CALLS upon Member States to draw up comprehensive national ARI control programmes as one of the priority programmes for reducing mortality in infants and early childhood, and as important steps:

(i) undertake in particular health manpower training in the technical and operational aspects of the programme with emphasis on standard case management;

(ii) integrate ARI control activities into PHC;

(iii) mobilize local and external resources for the programme;

3. CALLS upon international, governmental and nongovernmental organizations as well as private voluntary organizations and foundations to support ARI control activities in the African Region;

4. REQUESTS the Regional Director:

(i) to lend the necessary technical support to Member States in the formulation of their national ARI control programmes and their integration into PHC;

(ii) to organize technical and management training activities for nationals in charge of ARI control as well as seminars and workshops to facilitate the exchange of experiences and the promotion of the programme at national and regional levels;

(iii) to report to the forty-fourth session of the Regional Committee on progress made in the expansion of ARI control programmes in the Region.

September 1991, 41, 9


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