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(1)NATIONAL BUILDING CODE OF CANADA 1985. FIRST ERRATA. Issued by the Associate Committee on the National Building Code National Research Council of Canada Ottawa. October 1985.

(2) ERRATA. PAGE. REFERENCE. CORRECTION I n t h e membership l i s t o f t h e S t a n d i n g Committee on S t r u c t u r a l Design, a d d t h e name M. I. Gilmor.. x ii. A d d new Sentence (8) A d u c t s e r v i n g commercial cooking equipment "(8) a n d p i e r c i n g a r e q u i r e d f i r e separation need n o t b e e q u i p p e d w i t h a f i r e damper a t t h e f i r e separation. (See also Sentence ( 4 ) ) . ". Delete t h e note "(See A p p e n d i x A . ) " article.. a t bottom o f. A t t h e e n d a d d note "(See also A r t i c l e 3 . 7 . 3 . 4 . ) " . I n t h e second line a d d "of Supplement No 3" a f t e r " A p p e n d i x E". ( l ) ( a ). A t t h e e n d o f ( i v ) delete "and". ( I ) (a). A t t h e e n d o f ( v ) a d d "and".. Move marginal note "More n e x t t o t h i s sentence.. than. one. occupancy". I n t h e d e f i n i t i o n o f "W" change t h e comma t o "and" before "the full". Table 9 . 4 . 4 . A .. A d d t i t l e t o t h e Table t o read "ALLOWABLE BEARING PRESSURE FOR SOIL OR ROCK". Delete v e r t i c a l l i n e beside t h i s article. I n t h e second line, italicize t h e w o r d "basement" a n d i n t h e t h i r d line. delete t h e w o r d s " o r cellar". Delete..

(3) Where indicated in Columns 1 and 2, substitute the expression or the reference i n Column 3 f o r that of Column 4.. REFERENCE. PAX. arW.CTlCN. TDCTTOEEcI3WEClED. 31. Table 2.7.3.A., Colum 3, s i x t h entry, t h i r d l i n e. W-S104. W-S104-77. 32. Table 2.7.3.A., s i x t h entry. S627-M1983/CSA 8366.2-. S627 .MI983/CSA 366.2-Ml984. Colum 2,. 43. 3 . 1 . 4 . 5 . ( 2 ) ( 1 ) ( ~ ) , second l i n e. 50.,. 52.,. secondline. 61.,. third line. 90.,. second l i n e. f i r s t line. slab. deck. Section 4.4.. Subsection 4.3.2.. A- A- other f l o o r a s s d l ies. f l o o r a s s d l ies. (3). 98. (61, second I ine. (15). (16). 99.,. f i r s t line. Sentence second l i n e. Sentence Sentence seats. steps. 115.,. 117.,. 144.,. 145.,. 170. Table 4.1.9.D., Colum 4. 190.,. 246. Table 9.10.3.B., f i r s t line, f i r s t entry, Colum 2. f i r s t line second l i n e f i r s t line Category 7,. f i r s t line. (10) and (12). (101, (11) and (12). surf aces. surf aces. 0.45. 0.44. Sentences (1) and (2). Sentence (1). 2. 1. 4.9 mn. 4.9 m. Minim. Max i m m. Table 9.23.16.A., f i r s t line, f i r s t entry, Colum 4. See Table 9.3.3.A.. See Table 9.3.2.A.. 313.,. third line. 2.4 mn. 345.,. second l i n e. oppl icance. 427. A-,. 301.,. 307. Table 9.23.15.A., Colum 1. 307. Col. 1. third line heading f o r. fifteenth line 2. 2.4 m appl i once. 3.5 kPa. 3.3 kPa 3. 4.

(4) M e r e i n d i c a t e d i n C o l m 2,. i t a l i c i z e the w r d o r expression i n C o l m 3 . ITALICIZE.,. f i r s t line.,,. third line t h i r d line. b u i l d i n g height partitions bui ldings.,. alarm signal.,. E x t e r i o r claddings. f i r s t line.,,,. second l i n e. fourth line t h i r d and f o u r t h l ines. furnace p l e n u n occupancy alarm signal.,. second l i n e. basement.,. second l i n e. appl i ance.,. second l i n e. pipe.,. f i r s t line. alteration.



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