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Sciences and Health research


Academic year: 2022

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The French landscape in Life

Sciences and Health research


Manpower resources of French life and health sciences research

(from : Futuris – Etude Biomed)

4346 4170

University staff members

Inserm researchers Other research agencies

Researchers and University staff members (full-time research equivalents) : 10677

Researchers from universities, Inserm, CNRS, CEA, Inra, Pasteur Institute involved in life and health sciences research


83 universities in France

50% of Inserm’s or Cnrs’s support concentrated on 5 universities


80% of Inserm’s or Cnrs’s support

concentrated on 11 universities



Montpellier Toulouse



Government « campus » initiative




Paris 5, 6, 7, 11

New partnerships with

hospitals and universities


Assessment of the Strategy by the National Evaluation Agency of Research and Higher Education

(September 2008)

Visiting committee:

Président :

Elias A. ZERHOUNI, Director, National Institutes of Health, USA Membres du comité :

Patrick AEBISCHER, President, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne Peter AGRE, Directeur, Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, Nobel Price Alain BEAUDET, President, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Sir Leszek BORYSIEWICZ, Director general, Medical Research Council UK (MRC) ; Pierre CHAMBON, professeur honoraire, Collège de France ;

Jean-Paul CLOZEL, CEO d’Actelion Ltd ;

Lionel COLLET, President, University Claude-Bernard – Lyon 1 ; Jacques GLOWINSKI, professeur honoraire, Collège de France ; Bernard LEJEUNE, Secretary general, Académie de Grenoble ;

Claude LENFANT, Former director, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, NIH ; Michel van der REST, Director general, Synchrotron Soleil

Rose-Marie VAN LERBERGHE, CEO, Korian

Harold VARMUS, Director general, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, Nobel Price


# 1 : France needs to boldly streamline and unify the

management system in Life Sciences and Health research

# 2 : Create a single National Institute for Life and Health Sciences Research

# 3 : Reevaluate the status, compensation, and career pathways of the French Life Sciences and Health scientists

# 4 : Period of transition needed for implementation

Assessment of the strategy by AERES

4 Core recommendations



Alliance nationale pour les Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé

National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health

Created on April 8, 2009

9 Members: Rationalisation of the Life Sciences and Health research:

Inserm as the unique coordinator of all French research programmes in the sector (mission statement entrusted by the Ministry of Higher

Education and Research and the Ministry of Health to the new Director- General of Inserm – November 2007)



National Alliance of Digital Sciences and Technologies


Members: CDEFI, CEA, CNBRS, CPU, INRIA, Institut Telecom


National Alliance for Energy Research Coordination




National Alliance for Environment (09/02/2010)

Members: BRGM, CEA, Cemagref Cirad, CNRS, CPU,INRA IRD, Ifremer, LCPC,

Météo France, MNHN


National Alliance of Humanities, Human Sciences and Social Sciences

(22 Juin 2010)

Members: CNRS, CGE, CPU, Ined


Where are we now?


• Health, Welfare, Food & Biotechnologies

• Information & Communication, Nanotechnologies

• Environment & Eco-technologies And, as transversal aspects:

• To reinforce the public-private interface

• To put Europe « at the heart » of the process

The French National Strategy for Research & Innovation

3 priorities


To coordinate strategic analysis, scientific

programming and the operational implementation of research in Life Sciences and Health

To give a boost to translational research

To encourage trans-disciplinarity

To promote the dissemination of Knowledge and the use of discoveries

To define common positions at the European and International levels

To reinforce the partnerships between research institutions and universities

To simplify the administrative procedures for the daily-life of laboratories and researchers

Aviesan objectives


Scientific coordination

Operational coordination


Ten Thematic Institutes

covering the entire field of Life Sciences and Health research

Neurosciences Cognitive Sciences

Neurology, Psychiatry

Genetics, Genomics Bioinformatics

Immunology Hematology Respiratory


Microbiology Infectious


Public Health

Health Technologies Cancer

Cell Biology Development

Molecular and Structural


Circulation Metabolism



The French Alliance for Life and Health Sciences: Aviesan

To set up “the 2010 programming in Life and Health Sciences” at the national level (protocol agreement with the National Funding Agency, 2009)

Our Strategy for Health and Life Sciences (2010-2015)

To develop coordinated partnerships with

Universities and Hospitals for the support of top-level research centres (Centres of Excellence)

Swine flu: to launch coordinated research axes

To set up new partnerships with pharmaceutical industry

To put forward Joint programming Health issues at the European level



and ongoing actions


To reinforce attractiveness and partnerships between public research and health industries




Maturation de projets ambitieux, preuve de

Faciliter et accompagner l’accès aux compétences et capacités de la

recherche académique


Simplifier les partenariats ITMO

Health Technologies


To incubate ambitious

projects, Proof of concept

Simplify the partnerships

To facilitate access to

competencies and capacities of academic research


• To launch top-level initiatives for a limited number of research fields of excellence

• To offer attractive positions to international scientific leaders

35 billion €

21.9 devoted to Research and Higher Education

" Investments for the future " : a

major opportunity for boosting R&I in




Equipment of Excellence : 1bn €

=> Research equipment from 1 to 20M€

• 400M€ for the acquisition

• 600M€ endowment for operational costs

• 52 projects funded (340M€); 15 in « Biology and Health »

Large cohorts : 200M€ fund (endowment)

=> 10 cohorts funded (70 M€ for 10 y)

National Research Infrastructures: 450M€

=> 10 projects funded, involving Inserm and CNRS + one project of Pre-industrial Demonstrator in

Biotechnology, also lead by Inserm : PGT (Vector for Gene therapy) – 20 M€

First results of the

Investments for the future (1)


BIOBANQUES (public health, biomarkers), coordination Inserm

F- CRIN (clinical research), coordination Inserm

HIDDEN (biosafety level 4 laboratory), Inserm

France-BioImaging (cell imaging), coordination CNRS

FRISBI (structural biology), coordination CNRS

PHENOMIN (phenotyping), coordination CNRS

ProFI (proteomics), coordination CNRS

France Génomique (genomics), coordination CEA

EMBRC-France (marine biology), université Pierre et Marie Curie, CNRS

9 national research infrastructures for biology and health

220 millions € for 10 years


6 University Hospital Institutes

(0.85 bn € - 20% consumable)

100 Laboratories of Excellence

(1bn € - 10%

consumable) – 24 in “Health and Biology”

Initiatives of Excellence

(7.7 bn €) – 7 pre-selected projects

6 Research & Technology Institutes

(2bn €

25% consumable) – 1 in “Health and Biology” (infectiology)

Calls for competitive clusters :

• Collaborative R&D projects (300M€) 2 ongoing

First results of the

Investments for the future (2)


Neurosciences (Paris)

Cardiometabolism and nutrition (Paris)

Genetic diseases (Paris)

Cardiology (Bordeaux)

Surgery (Strasbourg)

Infectious diseases (Marseille)

6 University Hospitals

« Instituts hospitalo-universitaires »

350 millions € for 10 years


Investments for the Future - calls for proposals in Technology Transfer

Streamline process with a new organisation involving

 SATT : Societies for Accelerating Technology Transfert

• Regional Technology Transfer Office shared and led by several Universities

• Aimed at pooling and developing : Technology Transfer; Proof of concept ; Maturation ; Intellectual Property

• Multidisciplinary based

• Involved French public research bodies (Inserm, CNRS, CEA, etc.) as board members

 CVT : National Technology Transfer Office dedicated to

French public research bodies (Aviesan in Life


Technology Transfer in Life Sciences and Health

SATT : call for proposals

• 14 projects submitted

• 5 selected & financed for the 1st round (budget )

4 under preparation

Conectus Alsace 7900 researchers 42% in Life Science Lutech IDF

10000 researchers 33% in Life Science

Ile-de-France Innov’

18000 researchers 39% in Life Science

Midi-Pyrénées 5000 researchers 29% in Life Science

PACA Corse 6000 researchers 30 % in Life Science






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