That's why IBM designed the Displaywriter as a flexible, modular, multifunction system. Various capabilities and equipment options are available to meet various needs.

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You can tailor an IBM Displaywriter System to meet various office requirements

No two offices are alike. Although they may share similarities, they're all different. Especially yours.

That's why IBM designed the Displaywriter as a flexible, modular, multifunction system. Various capabilities and equipment options are available to meet various needs.

A software-based system for flexibility and growth

A key benefit of the Displaywri ter is that it offers you a range of software packages and memory capacities. This way, you can select the right com- bination of capabilities for your office. No more, no less.

Displaywriter capabilities come to you on ready-to-use IBM licensed program diskettes. Not all licensed programs have all the features

described in this brochure. However, the chart on the last page illustrates which capabilities are available wi th the various licensed programs and Textpacks. You only pay for the package of capa- bilities you select. And you can upgrade or change your software diskettes as your needs change.

That's your assurance of a highly productive, cost- efficient system well into the future.

Selea the capabilities you need

This brochure will introduce you to the many capabilities and benefits that the Displaywriter can bring to your office.

Basic editing and text processing capabilities are available with a ll Textpacks. Also, you can select a full range of capabilities including: a higher level of text ptocessing, spelling, arithme- tic and statistical aids, automated records process- ing, communications and more.

An IBM Marketing Representative will be

happy to give you more informarion about each

of these capabilities and help you select the

licensed programs that are right for you.


Simplified aids designed for fast, easy, text processing

Day-to-day productivity challenges For a typical organizati on, text processing tasks can be as expensive as they are time co nsuming.

Getting informati on to the typist is one thing.

Getting it out on time and at minimum cost is another. We all make mistakes. And frequentl y entire pages are retyped and reproofed for the sake of just a few errors or changes.

The Displaywriter is a fast, efficient alternati ve.

It offers man y text processing capabilities to help speed up and simplif y day-to-da y assignments.

Typing can be made easy with the Displaywriter Typists using Displaywri ters can store standard o r customized formats on diskettes for fast recall and use, eliminating many setup steps. This can help save considerable time and effort.

Throughout the typing process, the Display- writer screen shows menus, messages and prompts to guide typists th rough their tasks. Typists can also bypass menus and quickl y proceed with the work to be done. The screen also displays text as it is being typed. So typists can make revisions, addi- tions or deletions quickly and easil y.

Finished documents at rough-draft speed Many automated capabilities on the Di splaywri ter enable typists to type at rough-draft speed . Auto- matic carrier return lets the typist work without concern for line and page endings. And once typing is completed, the Displaywriter ca n auto- mati cally check spelling, hyphenate and pagina te the typed material. In addition, any Displaywriter printer can play out one page of a document while a typist co ntinues working on another page.

Incidental typing like notes or messages which do not need to be displayed, can be typed using the Displaywriter's key-to-print feature. This feature enables informati on to be typed without storing it on a diskette, or displaying it on the screen.

_~ ...,~-r..,Jv..l

---ttt---~ ~~~ ~~~

The Displaywriter can und erscore a word,

Increases ).tI productivity, or the amount which a

a group o j words, o r several sentences.

per:o~~;leroduce in a certain period of till'le,~:..)

:: 0 ' ________ -+ ________________ ...,

ilbou~abillty to apply technology to "e4&0 ... ~burden of work.· ,\ chemical company repor;t!, in itll own study, that in 19"7 a person could produce in one hour 20 units


O\llpuC. In 1962 that figure increased to 57 \luiu of output

~ w;r '"

OM hO"'f'"

oi!w..uwul •. iIu.~~ ~o..4u,~stdf¥M-~~ ---t---' ~

.J,. ...

q; ~

technology to chan,:!"" the meana of



one way to incrcalJe productivity. Increasing the volUllle of

prod\lctlon w~th the • .u.:.e lIIethods la anOther way. Some comlllnatlon of both ways may also increase productivity.

---+++-- r ---"q 'the

Federal Goverru:\ent i. the """in contributor of

It he lps typists to move sentences and para-

" " , , , i a ' "ppon for , . . . ><oh ' " ' dav.)."",.",. vhil.

graphs Jrom o ne part o j a page to another.



eo"'om <h. bulk of the


Or to an e ntirely diff er ent page. lin fT~: r::::: ir19





ll11portllnt effects or() 1. Nbtlonal economic qr<»<th,


---+++-::i~*----2. R89ional economic development, and

~~ , ~ I -r---

The Dis piaywriter c an also center or indent text. And provid e automatic deci- mal and comma alignment during tabular typing.

J. Con..unlty prosperity.


UBing .elentlfle research and developnlllnt i. ll!'lOther ..."..


important way t~ ~productivity. Thus we provide financial $uPP<lrt for exploring new products or processes of productlon, lIIOdifyil19 existing product!, lind expandin", general Re6earch and develop!llent exponchtur(ls are invest.lllents lor thO! future.

NUMAl.wt. ..e;.. 1''1'"

sfaA.~ rWI.o.-P"t"


- - - t - - - ;


Substantially reduced revision time When typists revise documents, they can recall stored material and type o nly the changes. N ot entire pages. Or co mplete documents. This can pro duce sub stantial savings in the time it takes to get professional-quality documents back to th eir autho rs.

T he Displaywriter allows the typist to easil y add, de lete or change individual c haracters, line s, paragraphs or complete documents.

It c an automatic ally adjust line and page le ngths, when revisions make te x t longer or shorter.

A typist c an have a variety o f ve rtic al spacing arrangements for all or part of a document. And change type style s quickly and easily.

It can automatically print repeated inf or- mation, like titles and page numbers, at the top or the bottom o f a page . For a f e w pages. O r an entire do cument.

The typist can use many auto mated Displaywrite r c apabilities. To make the necessary changes. To automatically adjust the page le ngth. And to quic kl y and easily pro duce a do cument with a pro f e ssional-quality appe arance.

lne&''''''. in pzodlict.1"l~. or the -....~ wbleh .. P'U"_ can ycodOl;'a In .. cart.aj.n pM"iod of u.e, t.,ll lUI abc>ue .. ""1"_'.u:>111t)' to AWly u",hnol09Y to . . . thetlW:da" of ooor".- ... c' ~ r~u. in iu awn Uud",. Uwol. in l~l .. ~r_ QllUld pnId"", • .In 01'141 hout 20 uniU ofOl,ltput.. l n l 9 6 2d1atftgur.ine., . . . .ato!>7W1iUofO\lt""'tlnOll*

In ou.-r _~ •• the pr(>dllCtivlty da)lIt tripled.

UUDg t.e<:bnol.o!l'Y to chanqa tM


~ production h one .-y to inc". ... P&'odI>C'U"t~. 11 • .:;,.. . . 1"'9 t.M vol. -of pl"ooh><:uOII with UW _ _ . . tbode b", .y. ~ eo.blnat.ion of both _rs _y d.o lncr . . . . prodll<ltlvlty.

u.1."9aehntlflcr •• .arrh«nd" .... dOlaflltla.not.hotr~fu.nt .... y to i~r ... prod\ICUvity. 'ltIu .... prCWide tu....cul ~rt. for up1orl1'19 ... pzod..:U or proc . . . of Fcd..cdOfl • .:o4Uyin9 , .. , prodUCUl. UI(I . . . od.lnq q-..-d k_ledqe. ~ch.:wl d .... l0c-0ll1;

u:;potndlu.,r . . .ar.,ll'\Y •• _uforOWlr .. r;ur ••

TM redu_l Ql)VU.-nt h the ... 111 _nU'iD.1~ ot fiM=l.d allp$l(lZt for c.level> .. nd deval.ofwent .... I>UI pd"ue t.l\e bulk

1. htioultlCOtl<laieg~ ••

2. Mqional..,oncai.c: " .... lo.-.nt. ;1M

l. o-wUcyprosperlcy.

The 9~n"h1c:d dlnl:'lbut.lon af " . . . rel> ;lnd " ... a1~t

;leti"itl . . UllO\lre.otif\Cr . . . il'l9 inteu'ltU>deonoc:un. lI ... j".t be<J1m>1.I>g to WId .... t..and eM !\lll l,apac:taC lAr9.-aeale .... t1omri4A1-"D ,,~r_ of !;he l . . t "Kede on ~ growt.h and prolpou-ity in die - r u t y . aute • ....:s r~ion.. At .... ry 9eQql'Iphle 1 ... 1 u-.e IctiviUeaberwltit,


Advanced text processing capabilities simplify many tedious typing assignments

In addition to the standard text processing ca pa- bilities, a number of advanced text processing capabilities may help your typists to produce diffi- cult and tedious assignments faster and easier.

Assignments like long documents, standard let- ters, and various forms.

Time-saving aids for longer typewritten docwnents

Long, multipage documents and manuscripts can be quickly revised with a g lobal capability that can automatically find, delete and replace three phrases of up to 60 characters each at one time, throughout a document.

The Displaywriter can automatically alternate the printing position of headers and footers-such as document names, page numbers, dates and sim- ilar information-on the left or right side of a page.

Docwnent assembly with minimal time and effort

The Displaywriter is designed to minimize the time and effort spent in gathering previously stored information for a new document. With document assembly, you ca n:

• draw text segments from many different sources to make document assembly faster and easier

• change formats from job to job, or within a job for wide flexibility

• reduce the need for proofing and rechecking, since the stored text is likely to have been checked and approved


Segments and Vanable Information


Hf Lfu<..<b1.ll11


Hq 3 (,0000 lill ~,


Thill ~"J~Qt .ade on this datil M(>veMber I, 197'1 bet ... the.

Fifth Nat.iond SaM, • n.tional b.nkinq .... _heion .. lth office.

In 'till . . , TIlt.. C<XUlty. Okla~ lbe. ... .in • .tt ... c::.lled Fhoat IIInlonall and The Apple Vdley S.Dk • • Mnkill9 •• _hUon .. ith ofUcetl In the aute of OkbhOoM Itwin.J._(~r e.lled Appllc.nt Bank).

Where . . . Il' CrecU.t card Inc:orpouted IICCI), "

I\Qn~.toc:k DeliJw,. .. e ~r.hlp eorpor.t:l.on, adilolnid.e .. e .. crtld!t cud pcogra. til" u n ice .. uk. CHOU' CARO and Red, Wblt.. and Blue Banda Dedqn. The prQ<j,u_ I" 9O"'Ilrned by u..

certifien. ot incorpoutlon. by-law. and QlMraUft9 regulations of ICCI, copi . . of all or Ifhicto toav. becm fIor"la'-d: by Finn

".tio .... l to ApplicUlt knIl. Fifth .AU.,...) 1 • • CIa •• A of ICCI. III.ppliO&Jlt Bank Iie.ired to ~ • Cl . . . 8 -..ber of tCCt 1I.n6e.t thot apon.orahip of ri fth "aUanAI. and doair.a to enter bto a "ritten Hrvie. a . , r _ n t "ith FUth M.tional relating to CUDI,. CARD funct.iOllS to be perforMed by it.


dar.fore. i t La agreed by ud b e t _ Fifth .AU_l .nd Applicartt .... nk . . foll_ ••

Il) AppliCAnt e.nk hereby Agree. to lnd-ru.ty .and protact Fifth Mationa! aqain.t 'Hld to hold rifth '.tionAl har.le . . ( r o . SIIY liability, claJ ... 4e-.and. c.u .... ot 'ction. or _penae, IIhethar or not .,.lid, vbich . . y be ••• _tad uhing OIIt of soy .ctlOP or dcfa.ult of AppliCAnt all ... ...s. Deaign. Th. prO\llr" is gOYtrnad by t.ha ce.rtUic.t. of illCOfpOution. by-le.,a and operating regu.lA- of lCCI. copl.a of All of vb1cb b.I .... baeD furDuhe4 by rirth .ationAI to Applicant BaM. Fifth NaUon.l i . a Cl . . . A .-ber of lCCl _ Appileant flank desired to ~ • Cla . . 11 of lCCl" u...ser the .pon.orahip of FifUt National. and dc,ir •• to .. nter into. writt.n aer.ic. . q r . _nt "ith


Merging for highly personalized documents With the Displ aywrite r's mergi ng ability you can:

• create and store standa rd documents fo r fast, easy recall and hi gh-q ual i ty pr inted impressio ns

• ori gin ate and store va riables like frequently used pa rag rap hs, fi rst and last names, addresses, etc.

• me rge va riables in to a variety of stand ard docu ments

• use an opti onal co mmuni cati o ns capabil ity to rece ive in formati o n from a suitab ly prog ram med co mputer- lis ts of names and add resses-and merge it with previously sto red text

pr int a document fo r one- time onl y use ... o r store it fo r f uture review, rev isio n or printing

Hr. Rdph praM 11n 20 FO(I1IJt Road Kllnton, New Jerllley 07326 OellrJoU". Franklin:

'l'hAnk you fOr-applying for: Bl'!lplO)'J'lOnt with our COIIIp.ny.

~ ~;-~:p r~~r::::e i!n ~!~~nf~~ f~~~;:' openi~; •.

Again, we IIppreehte, the oppor:tunity of reviewing your I:e$u.te.

eat ot luck to you l.n your future endeavor •.


T. E. ,;a.rllhall Personnel Depart._nt

August 1., 1910

I'fr. Rdph FUnldin 20 Poreat lW.d

"'antem. He .... 3er •• y Dear Mr. runldln:


Thank you tor applyinq fol" e .. ploy.ent with O\Ir ca.pany.

We woold like you to cc.e to our downtown ofHol! for II :jI(tcond inter ... ie... Plea •• ceU .y .eceetaty for ;10 lIutu<lIlly e(u'IlI'enient appoint_nt..

r _ lO(>klng ront~u,:d to .".1ng you 119111in.


'1'. S. !UrlnaU Po,r-sonnet Dep.t.rtnl:lltnt

Forms typing made easy

The Di splayw rite r fo rms ca pabilities help to min- imize se tup time and effo rt by ex pediting fill -ins.

Typists can:

• type and store variable info rmati on just once for automati c inserti o n on a fo rm , or on several form s

• use an opti onal, continuo us paper-feed mecha- ni sm to all ow batched for ms to be processed autOmati call y

• help to minimize waste of ex pensive multipart form s, because erro rs are co rrected on th e display


Central Aeglstry Form

"","" _" ""'.r-- - - -- - - - L - ,


~ 08Uon-Roekes Hoapttal


0 ii"l05 .. _ . 1




ROOM !f1JlllB(.R

.,., ,

~~.::.:, , · · · , ,.


" "






~:iT~tR i:









" "

MAJD£N N.utt


HOSP 8tf'Oflt? DATt?









" l:



Ie AODR£SS Patient Information

E ~-Pll -- - 1 1'-;;- - -

'..tJ14 15._

1 -...


:; 1 :{-


'..l...I..- -~~



IJ1.L _....a...



.. ..


· '"







!lOb. Gil_




TUt.PttOftI: HUMBtR $01"IN1I'

Central Registry Form


Automated footnoting capability makes creating and revising footnotes easier

Footnote is typed following its reference point.

The Stun opin10n tben indicated that an

i t c.ontllne4 ",fflnaative.!y providing for retention of unearned meere.r" "pon accelera- tion. ~ That requlr~nt .... as found to be 'It18- tied in the Smart eaae by I;olltract langul,e ..mieb eJl"ptel,ly provided that intereat w111 not be refunded," Unlike tbe contract in ! however, tbe nOtel befon. tbi. Court contain no corr.lpoo4- ina langua,1 which upreasly forbid. the abatement or rebate of unut"oe4 IDtere.t.~

JJ That condulton 18 in aecord with long-atand- ing Tex •• case law. In Welfare v. Turnu·

rruu Coj. 85 S.Ii. 241067 (Tex. Civ.

App.-E . . t!aod 1925, wr:1t refund), for ax . . pla, the Court exbaultively anal,:ted Tnaa 1." and concluded tbet even contracta acceler- atiDg the "whole of [b~ ind~btedneal" and "the entire indebteelne.ea" would not be deemed to tonte-plate the tollection of unearnad intereat.

4/ Petitioner'. ApplicaUon made a eotaewhat ha1.£- hearud to argue that a portion of the atteleration clauae ("the whole of thil note") dou effLraatively provide for the collettion of unearned intereet. Yet, Petitioner hilllaelf tonted . . that other ecceleration language ("the indebtedneas secured hereby") is not uaurioua. Any real d1&tinction between luch ie auremely thin at but. JODes Creelit eubelliu tbet tbe purposel of the usury atatute ie not served by predicsting ulury flndlnp on luch halr-splitting. especially


Footnotes are automatically printed at the bottom of the same page as their reference point.

The Displaywriter also provides an automated footnoting capabi lity which allows footnotes to be typed immediately after their reference points.

The Displaywriter Syste m ca n place footnotes on the same page as thei r reference points even after paragraphs are added, delered or moved. And , footnotes can be renumbered automatically.

Petitioner'a blaic approach to th18 1&aue, hOWll;vll;r. would rIWll;r&e that principle ao recently reemphaaiud io SlIIert. AceordinS to Petitioner. the. prOllllaaory notee b.fora the court

affinu.tively provide for a :rebate oC unurned

where the result u to impase seven. wind Call penalties. 110reovu:, the clear _jority of Teua cau lalol holde that the challenged lansu_gc doee ~ contemplate collection of

~::r~~~ai~!:~~a~)5 ~~ maS D(;;:. V

eiV • App. Tu:arltana 1929. writ refuaed) (cIau.a Illawing aceeierateel . . turity of "all lWU herein agreed to be paid .hall becQlle clua and pI)'able" bdd not usurious) (_phaeil added);

Beat Life Ine. Co. v. Stanley, 84 S.W. 241 1084 (Tex. Civ. IIpp.--El Paeo 1925, no ..,rit) provision allo..,ing accderation afur default of "the whole thereof. principle, intarelt, and attorney'. feea" held oat to coottlmplate collection of unearoed intereet), eee other cales ciud at pp. 13wl4 oC Rtlllpondtlnt'a Brief; lIt1a abo, c.etll cited at S8 Tex. Jur.

2d ~126(1964); 66 A.L.R. 3d 650, 683.

Foo tnotes that need to be rontinued are auto-

matically carried over to the next page.


Automated outlining capability offers you a choice of outlining formats

'D\e IBK 01aplayvrltal" S1ate. Lic:e.nftC! ProiU"


[v. fe.JItpad. 6 A. Outl1nlo&

i. Eight indentinl levell and • vuter,.

•• loun tI\lMral, -IIpper c •••

b. Alphabetic - upp,,-r case

"""n numeral.1 - lower c •••

AlphtibeUc -lower cue

1. Au.t_Uc ~rrlar return 11. Autoutic pagination


•• Plulh lde an4 dahl 1. Flush left

Global ._reb and v. AutOM.tlc: hyphuatico D. PriDt,r l\ulrlnl t. Spell1cl verification aid

An addition to the outline is requested by the author.

Revision is made and the outline is automatically renumbere d as soon as the document is


Automated o utlining, another Di splayw riter capa- bility, all ows you to select a numbering system and then to enter, revise, add or delete informa- ti on without renumbering or adjusting each seg- ment manually.

Automated outlining offers you a choice of numbe ring systems: Roman numeral upper and lower case, alphabetic upper and lowe r case, integer, decimal numbering or no numbering.

The IBM Dhpl.yvdter S,..tu Liceoud Proara_


IV. TUlpacil 6 A. Outlioizl&

1. £tItle Indentlnl levd. and • variet)'

•. Ito.a Du.erala - upper e . . . h. Alphabetic: - upper <:.ale c. lI.o.n nu.erab - lower caac.

d. Alphabatic: - lower c •••

B. Footnotin8

C. Arltn-tic: 11'101 atathtic:al aida D. text proe,.,lnl

1. Auto . . tie earr1er return 11. Iwtoaatle pa,lnat1on 111. Junif1eat1ou

•• Pl~h laft and r:1ant 1. Fluab i d t 2. Pluah right 1Y. Global aeareb and repi4lta

Autoaac1e hyphenatloD.

E. hinter a"arins Y. Spelling vuif1eatloD aid

Document is printed showing outline in

correct sequence.


Spelling verification aids to help increase spelling accuracy and reduce proofreading time

General spelling verification aid

Typists can use the Displaywriter spelling verifica- tion aid to check the spelling accuracy of approxi- mately 50,000 commonly used words.

Customized spelling verification aid You can also arrange for the Displa ywri ter to check the spelling accuracy of up to 500 words unique to your industry or profession. It's a great way to assist typists in avoiding spelling errors in even the most complex and specialized documents .. . before they are committed to paper.

Multilingual spelling checks

Another optional program helps to check the spelling of approx imately 150,000 words in French, Spanish, Italian and several other languages.

Fast, automatic spelling check

After a document is completed, your typists can activate the spelling verfication aid to check one page at a time, or an entire document. It automat- ically checks the words typed against those in the spelling aid at the rate of approximately 1,000 words a minute.

Incorrectly spelled and unmatched words will be highlighted on the Displaywriter screen. These displays will tell the typists which words may have to be checked.

Reduced proofreading time

Because the spelling verification aid helps you find misspelled words quickly, you may reduce proofreading time.

Automatic hyphenation

Automatic hyphenation is still another Display- writer feature that enco urages typing at rough- draft speeds, without slowing down for margins.

After completing a document, the typist can use this function to automaticall y provide the cor- rect hyphenation for words that would otherwise exceed the right margin. This saves the time of looking up proper line breaks throughout a document.

Incorrectly spe l/e d and unmatched words appe ar

In a memo.

The D"isplaywriter's scre en informs the typist of three incorrectly spe l/ed words.

The Displaywriter has highlighte d the words that

may re quire correction.




All Department Hanagers Subject


IBM Displaywriter System Yesterday


an IBM Marketing Representative described the benefits of the Displaywriter.

The Rep said that this system revisions easier and holds repeti ti ve typing to a minimum, checks the spelling accuracy of approximately 50




used words and


transmits information over ordinary


lines. So,


has the potential for


mproving our productivity.

The Displaywri ter seems to be easy to use and economical




as our needs grow, we can upgrade this system


of replacing it.

The finished document indicates that the words displayed on the screen have been corrected.

Electronic Spelling Dictionary

With this o pti on, the spelling capabilities of the Displayw riter have been greatly expanded . Besides identifyi ng a word which may be misspelled , this program ca n display that word spelled correctl y. If more than one word ca n be derived from the mi s- spe lled word, up to seven words ca n be displayed from which yo u can choose the appropriate o ne.

The misspe//ed word is highlighted on the screen and

the typist can select and insert the correct word



Fast, accurate mathematical calculations and widely varied statistical typing aids

Four-function mathematical aids

Your typists can use the Displaywriter to add, sub- tract, multiply and divide and to check the accu- racy of handwritten calculations.

This capability can help to reduce proofreading time and improve mathematical accuracy.

Enhanced mathematical capabilities

The Displaywriter also offers other sophisticated mathematical aids for a wide range of applica- tions. The typist can have columns or rows totalled automatically.

$uti,seo.GO 'Il3.000.00 $1.40,(1)0.00 .,OOfi.U


"~.I)O S,2'0.00

'td.pb.ou._ 100.01l


2, •.

)8 ~!!iO.OO

F~lDtin4 1,050.00 185.00

""t.1ng. l.nO.GO 2,121..50

Sub.cdpticm. '4.)0

tti._U.n."... ~ ~ ~

~124.712.12 $141,994.30 $.150.10J.51

lill I.ll. Aetuat ~

all .. d •• $133.000.00 $.140.000.00 $158.000.011

.,61$.011 5,280,00 5,510.00

TalepbcIM ?!le.n 840.30

Stationery 10.40 U$I.4Q

I'¥'inting 1,0$0.00

hetill\J. 1.'50.00 2.U1.!.0 3.52$.00

SLIb,<:>rlpt1oruJ U.40

a1_ 11;aneoll. ~ ~ ~

$lH.U •. )O $150.103.51 $171).25-1.20

What's more, the typist can compute averages or percentages . .. automatically. And the Display- writer can also automatically recognize and adjust to negative numbers.

Numerical tables with a fixed sequence of cal- culations can be prepared quickly and easily. The typist simply types the first row or column of numbers and the required calculations. On subse- quent columns or rows, the Displaywriter allows the typist to repeat that sequence of calculations automatically.. This way, the Displaywriter can

'flo fl. ... lf8ok~ 14,'._ ..

s...e....:... 114e,


$133,000. 00


5)lfo.OO q,



1~·", 7O<J.()O

s;::::; NHo 1ts.oo



~ 1-,1>1.'-.



'1·'10 Sq.,o Ilf'~





ill!..!!!!! ~ ~

Sah,d . . $1<40.000.00 $1]3,000.00 $7.000.00

"ravel 5.:.HJO.Oo 4.675.00

'hlephon' 100.00 58.21

Stationary 100.fiO

Printing 925.00

Meetltlg:* 1. 12t. !.O 1.ISO.OO

$~ript1oJa 84.30

a1.ace.11;aneou. ~ ~ no.oo

$l$O,103.S1 Slfl."'.lO ",lO!t.21


verify the accuracy of all your handwritten calculations.

Convenience and speed for statistical typing The Displaywriter can automatically assign equal space between columns, position them on the screen and set the appropriate tabs.

The flexibility of the Displaywriter for column layout can help save a typist's time and energy.

And enhance statistical typing productivity.

A faster way to update reports

On a conventional keyboard, the task of replacing the 1980 column with 1981 figures requires retyp- ing the entire page. With the Displaywriter, the typist deletes the unwanted column, types only the new figures, verifies the sum of the new fig- ures and has the new page printed out.

And when the numbers are due to be updated, the entire page is recalled from its diskette storage space. This way, the typist has the potential to fin- ish an assignment much faster.

Flexible mathematical checking

As the examples below indicate, typists can use the Displaywriter to total the columns of figures and determine the amounts of variance in the right-hand column .

Typists can check any of the four arithmetic functions either vertically or horizontally with the Displaywriter. This flexibility, along with easy-to- understand prompts , helps typists turn out more accurate statistical documents. And helps turn them out more quickly.

Statistical typing revision enhancement

The Displaywriter provides increased capabilities for statistical typing . Any single column can be temporarily moved closer to its line heading so that revisions can be done quickly and accurately.

Repetitive keystrokes, such as format or math instructions, can be stored and recalled for the next job requiring the same instructions.

When revisions must be mad e in a c o lumn far from its line headings, proper align-

ment can be difficult. UI'OIIT (000',)

(,0.) -TO'tALllctIVl:MI1llJlAC'tIy!'Pto1'U:YIWIWDAtt {~) .. AVll,.\I;;t ACl'lft l'ltUaa. cm,RJWT 'IQIIT'II.

o coin It"tl'lS 1 t~) 11lS ) t o s n s S t~ 10 n.s OVEllOlllS

( r r - - t i }

m--m ~ !~ w-m m--m-


'''' "" ". "" ... '" '" "'. ... ''''


""" ''''









11.0 16rb$:I.!>

U," "'"









u.s 7/t01Q,J1$.O

. ''''









1l".O IT,T !lo.n


'" .,.


, ..


= '" '" . . , '"


'" ". '" ,,. .. , ., . '"


, "













""". '" ... , .. ... ... ,., '" . . . ... .., .,. '"

"''' "" . . , '" , ..


, .. , .. .. , ,., ...


. '"









IH.D In- In.O


. ., '" .. ." "" ..


F ... . .. . ~ . .. . ". ... r!~ ., .. "" . . _ .,

m 89.0




150.0 H.G m 83.0 iifrrf'sCl,O IS VI.M(hS

'" ... '" . . . ...


,., '" , .. '" ...

_ .

:-'"" '" ..


... '" .. ,


.. , '" u::: . .,








" "


" ...,-




2965 !'J.r. 1970 ,o.6


'l'atl.l.QU01' ~un:




29.r. 1319 2444 31.8


)l.S 2~~~ !~;:~

... ,









". '"

1(18 113.0

C o lumns can be moved closer to the ir line headings

so that revisions can be easily made.


The Displaywriter is a records processing system

With the Displaywriter, building and maintain- ing a file can be easy and efficient. Your staff can electronically access any record, in any of your stored files, with a few simple instructions.

Broad applications

Basic file information is only typed once. Once your file information is stored on diskettes, the Displaywriter can be instructed to produce a vari- ety of management reports, lists, forms, and per- sonalized letters, like the ones shown here. There should be much less need for repetiti ve typing, manually searching through files , and manual calculations.

Records processing speed

Typists using the Displaywriter can perform the major records management functions right at the keyboard. As a result, they can use a few, simple keystrokes to retrieve, revise and distribute the kind of critical, timely information that serves as the foundation of important management reports.

Reports that form the basis of informed decision making

Rec 10 Customer Name Address


Dareco Supply Co . 1407 8th St. Phoenix Global Industries 913 Dowd St. Tucson Farrington Co. 642 Peach Dr. Pomona Universal Industry 90 Elm St. Pomona

Comprehensive customer file With your key Jiles stored on diskette, the Displaywriter can be instructed to search hundreds oj records at electronic speeds.



Generate a variety of management reports and lists from one, comprehensive master file Typists can use the Displaywriter to automatica ll y help assemb le, revise and use the comprehens ive customer file shown below to produce timely, accurate management reports and lists.

The sample customer file below has many fields, represented by its headings-Company Name, Address , City, etc. The Displaywriter can be used to call up and use as many as 100 fields.

Or as few as one.

The Displaywriter allows typists to use famil- iar terms as fie ld headings for fast, easy reference.

There's no need to stop to look up or interpret coded file headings.

With a communications option, typists can also use the Displaywriter to retrieve information from an appropriately programmed IBM com- puter's data base and deliver it in usable form to other compatible IBM work stations. Economic- ally and quickly.

With just a few keystrokes, typists can insert, remove, revise or rearrange file information to keep it up to date. And to produce alphabetized

and / or summarized lists of customers, industry

reports and marketing letters like the sample doc- uments shown here.

Zip Contact Date Amount Rep Ind

85730 Hr . Donald Smith 01/05/81 10500 Jones Med

85719 Ms. Patricia Ross 01/05/81 28000 Ortiz Mfg

77890 Mr. Timothy Sainz 01/08/81 42500



77689 Mr. Thomas Boyd 01/09/81 19975 Hull Mfg



~ ~ 0!jQ!'!!! ItUItESEttUTlYE

Cac:tu. lI.rdware Kan ... 1 Shull 51&,9110

City CoUe,. 567,'00

Cit,. Servlcu M •• Su~.nne Strayer 589,900 CHntell Supply HI', Dondd HI"itl' $17 .~SO c-mlly Colle,e Shuon Salth 5235.980 O"ueo Supply Co. DotI.ald SIIltl1 510,500

F ... n Alloc:l.tlO1l S200,5S0 Hull

r."llIlton Co. Tt_thyS.iolt S42,SOO

Global Tnduatrla. 528,000 OTth

Ho.pttalSuppl,. $SI,190 Ort.h

Jobn.OQ H£,. Co. S ... lSalor 5125.890

"-Yilll eon.tru.rtioo letty S.ith 5110.100

l.neh",r. Inc. ..r .... daHebert $130,890 lural h.ptetlMlnU Judy Sdi.ll .. n6,GOO HuH

St.ta Plpa Co, Keith CrOl'lln $60,000 Cunh

Stuell'nivardty t_bltu.&«e $54,900 Orth.

Thoo=plotl Conlt. Co. !eta)' Hekflne S64,350 Tool Sattln& Co. $32.780 Unlv."rl.t Indu.try n.o... Boyd $19.915 R\,Ill

Wrand! lne. LupUI Arlno $32,000 Cu.rth


Alphabetized, summarized list of customers

Basic file inf ormation c an be se lectively acce sse d and manipulate d t o cre ate a wide varie ty o f fists, re ports and letters. Lists suc h as this c an be pro du ced alphabe ti- c all y, b y industry type, b y do llar volu me, by geography or by many othe r c riteria.

Tool Settlnc Co.

l!~O IHh St.

PhoerUx. At '5102

Attention: loll. Lallie Oa,.l6nd

Subject: Pow"r Plant, 0('01" MI. C,rl.",I1,

At tM 1'«t~'1 ot ou"

M ".

Curtll, .01 II'e fllendlng)'W dUCTIpUv ..

lItlHtll!'ll and dlatrlbutor priec!t eoverinc thfl .t!ove pl'Oduct lin" . Upon reoeipt of IhI, i",formation we hope t .... t we lhall be f,.Ol"iI'd wll'"

• trUl ol'del' apilUlt .hic;:h we .m be plea.wd to $elid you our \.n.oIee.


Personalized letters

Altho ugh they ar e personalized, le tters suc h as this can be pro du ced automaticall y by mer ging selected names and addresses f ro m you r master file with a standard le tter.

!tt!VtnUE AlW.YSIS BY UIDUSTR'f yu.J.-ro-DATt 1981

~ ~ ~ ~ !..!Q!O!,

l1a,..nConltn,u;tlon 5110,700 n.o.plonCcmlt.Co. S04.3S0


~~~;e~lle~ 52)5,9&0 561,300 Sut.l1niveuit, SS~ ,9GO



,~ r .. ~n A"aoc:hrlon 5200,5)0 laneh.n be. S130,"0 ltu.rllillpl_nu 526,000



'17,450 $10,500 Ul.790 '19,140


Cartul lIardwara S18,900

Clt,Sarvleal S89.900

F'Uln&tonCo. $42,'00 Global Indultrl . . $28,000 Jolmaonl1fs·Co. S12S,890 StatOi Pipa Co. $611,000 Tool $et:t1n, CO. U2.180 IJntveuallndultry $19,91'

Wuneh Inc. $32,000



lVJl~TO~OATE TOTAL $1'20.1n





Report by dollar volumes

Typists c an use the Dis playwriter to iso- late inf ormation b y categories, i. e . com- paring re ve nue . Comparisons might very we ll confirm the accuracy o f -or signal the ne ed f or a c hange in-a specific mar- ke ting strategy.







Jona. Ortta $67.300 $5'.900


lIuU $17,450

Jcm". $10.500


Orth C\lrUI Rull $l.U,J80 $115,890 $2$,000 STAn TOTAL


Orth. Jon •• 864$110.700 ,3S0


$200,550 S51.190

'f, J_.

Cllrtll Hult SI32,400 , 18.900 $19,"5

~ RUMltR




S122,200 SU6,890




S175.050 S2)5.980





Mathematical aids for statistical reports

calculate aver ages. pe rcentages and totals

ali gn columns, decimal points or commas

inse rt plus or minus s igns and dollar symbols

store statis tical report formAts fo r easy updates


Rapid Displaywriter electronic communications to another part of your building or thousands of miles away

The Displaywriter can continue to make produc- tivity contributions, even after your material has been typed. Optional electronic communications features can help move information throughout a building, across rown, or thousands of miles away.

This capability allows you to transmit your information quickly over ordinary telephone lines. It's a good way to reduce your dependence on slow-moving internal or external mails.

Displaywriters can communicate with other Displaywriters and with suitably programmed IBM computers. This eliminates the need for retyping information at the sending, or receiving end of the message.

Binary synchronous communications

This form of communications allows you to trans- mit and receive information at high speeds to and from compatible IBM Office System 6 equipment, compatible IBM mag card typewriters, the IBM 6670, the IBM 5520 , and other compatible IBM equipment.

Asynchronous communications

Displaywri ters can emulate certain types of tele- typewriter devices and codes. They also permit transmission to some teletypewriter equipment, to suitably programmed IBM computers and to the IBM Communicating Mag Card "Selectric"

Typewriter. Retyping of documents received from a teletypewriter network may not be necessary when a high-quality Displaywriter printer is used.

3270 data stream compatiblity

The flexible Displaywriter also offers 3270 data stream compatibility by emulating certai n IBM 3270 display terminals and functions. With this capabilit y, you can communicate with a suitably programmed IBM host computer in an SNA/

SDLC network. This gives you real-time, on- line access to central computer data bases for such host-interactive data processing functions as inquiry, update and data entry. With this option the Displaywriter brings you data processing capabilities as well as word processing.

Typists using Displaywriter Printwheel Print- ers can print 15 charac ters to the inch and can con- dense oversize computer sheets on 8 \-2 x 11"


Positive security

Displaywriter commu ni cations features will work with the optiona l IBM 3845 Data Encryption Device. Messages can be encrypted to help protect the privacy of your com munications .

An additional security option is a key lock,

which helps restrict access to the system to

authorized users only.


Select from a range of modular components

11.11 "" "" " " '- 1 .

1-11-1 \

r l;) :.::.,. •. ;.; •. \, . .-.. .-;':.:.;.;..

~1.11 \


Display Stationl 25-line screen

- .

"Selectric" Element Printer

Sheet-Feed Paper Handler

f 1// ... " "

/-, \ •• ;.;.;.;.;.;:;.;.;.; ••

• " " " I ,II-III

11-11 \

I I ...., I'

Display Station I 66-fine scr een

Printwheel Printe r

Trac tor-F eed P aper Handler

Diskette Unit

-~- -.,.

-- -

Wide Carriage Printwheel Printer

Displaywriter M ag Car d Unit


Select the software capabilities that will best meet your needs

e I




o '"

r:: r:: r::

.~ ~


::::: 11.


:;, i:: ",.0


"b I.."

"i5 -,r:: ... 8-2 "i5 Q0 vEe

J 8!J rJ r:: ~.g !(! E:


'" -...


;Z ;Z "i5

-8 "i5 "i5 "i5 "i5 S -c:::J 8 c: ·~-2


~ ","'g ~ i f 11.

'" '"

! 11. 11. §.. §.. . 0 i! E: r::!:




",,,, ~

PI J ... B. ~E: ~ r:: ~ "' E: ~ of:!

* ~ " ~ o «<: 0 ~ 0


'" iJ:,~0


'" ~ Q "< e-


Prerequisites Minimum

128K 192 K 256K 320K 192K 192K 192 K 256K 256K 256K 256K Memory Size


Textpack 2 2 2 4 4 4

Capabilities Text

Processing • • •

66-Lin e Screen • • • •


Verification Aid •

Printer Sharing and

• •

Trail Prinring High-den sity (2-D )

Diskettes • • •

Advanced Tex t

• •

Processing Four-function

Math • •


• •

Column Layo ut

Menu Bypass • •

Advanced Statistical

Typing Aids

Foornoting •

Outlining &

Section Numbering •

Electronic Spelling

Di ctionary

Communications a a a

Processing a

M agn eti c Cards

Spelling Aid (Eleven Lang uages) a a

Records a

Processi ng

This quick-r eference chart identifies on your Di splaywriter. These capabilities

some of the capabilities available on may vary with each of the required Tex t-

IBM Licensed Program diskettes and the packs. Please ask your marketing repre-

prerequisites needed to make them work sentative for addi tional details.


To order supplies, call IBM D IRECT, toll free, 800-631-5582. In New Jersey, call 800-352-4960.

In Alaska and Hawaii, call 800-526-2484.

Photographs show IBM Displaywriter System engineering design models. Changes may be incorporated on production models. Displays on screens were simulated. The sample documents are comparable to documents which could be produced by an IBM Printwheel Printer.

Names of individuals, companies and organi- zations are fictitious. Any similarities to actual names are coincidental.

References in this publication to IBM prod- ucts or services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available outside the United States.

~ - -=-~

==== ~ = w

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4111 Northside Parkway POS t Office Box 2150 Atlanta, Georgia 30055 CDCopyright International Busi ness

Machines Corporation, 1982

Printed in USA G552-0323-1





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