Intended use

Dans le document Instruction Manual Sous Vide Stick 350 (Page 8-0)

This appliance is intended solely for indoor, household use for sous vide style cooking.

Uses for a different purpose or for a purpose which exceed this description are considered incompatible with the intended or designated use.


Danger due to unintended use.

► Failure to operate this appliance only as intended can be dangerous.

► Use the appliance exclusively for its intended use.

► Follow all instructions in this manual.

Claims of all kinds due to damages resulting from unintended uses are excluded.

User bears the sole risk.

9 2 General Safety Information

Examine the appliance for any visible damage prior to use. Do not use the appliance if it appears damaged.


► If the power cord is damaged, the appliance must be disposed of. The power cord cannot be replaced.

► Persons who may not be able to safely operate the appliance due to any physical, mental or motor disabilities may only use the appliance under the direct supervision of a responsible person.

► Children of all ages should be supervised when they are near the appliance while it is in use.

► Cleaning and maintenance must not be done by children under the age of 8 unless supervised.

► Keep the appliance and the cord out of reach of children under 8 years of age.

► Only qualified electricians trained by the manufacturer may carry out any repairs on the appliance.

► Only customer service departments authorized by the manufacturer may carry out repairs during the warranty period, otherwise the warranty will be null and void in the event of any subsequent damages.

► Defective components must always be replaced with original replacement parts.

Only such parts will guarantee that the safety requirements are fulfilled.

► Remove the plug from the wall socket by pulling the plug, not the power cord.

► Unwind the cord completely during use.

► Appliance should not be cleaned in the dishwasher.

► The appliance may only be set vertically in a heat-resistant cooking vessel.

► The appliance is intended only to heat up water.

► Observe the markings for minimum (min) and maximum (max) water levels. Do not fill past the maximum water level line.

► Do not remove the appliance from the cooking vessel while in use

► Do not move the cooking vessel while in use.

► The appliance must clear at least 0.4 in./1 cm from the bottom of the cooking vessel in order to keep the water circulating.

► Remove the plug from the wall socket before taking the appliance out of the cooking vessel with water.

► Once removed, the appliance may still be hot. The appliance should only be touched at the control element and should not be placed on heat sensitive surfaces.

► The appliance is not intended to be operated by an external timer or separate remote-controlled systems.

10 2.1 Sources of danger

2.1.1 Danger of burns


Warning: Do not touch hot surfaces.

► The appliance is very hot during and after operation! The heated water is also very hot. Beware of risk of burn. Touch the heated appliance exclusively at the control element.

► The appliance is hot during operation. Let the appliance cool down before cleaning or touching it. Do not touch the heated metal.

► The heated device, the heated cooking vessel, the heated water and the steam emitted can all cause burns. Be careful with them. To be safe use pot holders or oven mitts when you want to move the cooking vessel.

► Touch and remove the heated (vacuumed) food exclusively with heat-resistant serving tongs.

► The heating element remains hot even after the main plug has been disconnected and should therefore neither be touched nor placed on flammable surfaces.

2.1.2 Danger of fire


There is a danger of fire if the appliance is not used properly.

Observe the following safety notices to avoid dangers of fire:

► Do not set up the appliance near flammable material.

► Keep this appliance away from sources of heat (gas, electric, burner, heated oven).

► Do not let the cord touch the appliance when hot.

► Do not cover the appliance with foil or towels.

2.1.3 Danger due to electrical power

DANGER Mortal danger due to electrical power!

Mortal danger exists when coming into contact with live wires or subassemblies!

Observe the following safety notices to avoid dangers due to electrical power:

► If the power cord is damaged, the appliance must be disposed of. The power cord cannot be replaced.

► Do not operate this appliance if its power cable or plug is damaged, if it does not work properly, if it is damaged or if it has been dropped.

► Do not open the housing on the appliance under any circumstance. Do not insert any objects into the openings of the device. There is a danger of an electrical shock if live connections/wires are touched and the electrical or mechanical structure is altered. In addition, the appliance can cease to function.

► Before plugging the appliance in or operating it, make sure your hands are dry.

► Remove the plug from the wall socket when the unit is not in use and before cleaning.



► Never immerse the control element into liquid for longer 30 minutes or in more than 3 feet of liquid (IPX 7 regulations). Keep the cord away from water. Only the heating element of the appliance must be immersed in water during cooking time.

► Observe the min and max marking of the Sous Vide Stick when you fill the cooking vessel.

3 Getting Started

This chapter will guide you through safely unpacking and setting up your new Sous Vide Stick.

3.1 Packaging safety information


Packaging materials are not toys and should be disposed of properly.

► Do not allow children to play with packaging materials due to risk of suffocation.

3.2 What’s included

The Sous Vide Stick 350 includes the following components:

 Sous Vide Stick 350  Instruction manual

 Recipe Book  Storage Bag


► Examine the shipment to ensure the unit and manual are included and inspect the unit for any visible damage.

► Immediately notify the carrier and/or the supplier about an incomplete shipment or any damage as a result of inadequate packaging or mishandling.

3.3 Unpacking

Carefully remove the packing material and appliance from the carton.

3.4 Disposal of the packaging

Frieling believes in the importance of recycling and has selected packing materials that not only protect your unit from damage during transit, but can be

recycled to minimize the ecological impact. Recycling the packing materials preserves raw materials and reduces waste.

Take any packing materials that are no longer required to a recycling collection point for proper disposal.


► If possible, keep the original packaging for the appliance for the duration of the warranty period, so that the appliance can be re-packaged properly in the event of a warranty claim.

12 4 Setup

4.1 Setup location requirements:

In order to ensure the safe and trouble-free operation of the appliance, the Sous Vide Stick must be set up in the following manner and location:

 Attach the appliance using the clamp to a heat resistant cooking vessel.

 The heat-resistant cooking vessel must be set on a firm, flat, level and heat-resistant surface. The surface must be able to withstand the weight of the cooking vessel filled with water, the device, and the food that you will be cooking.

 Do not set up the unit in a hot or damp environment or near flammable material.

 Do not move the cooking vessel with the Sous Vide Stick attached to it when it is in operation.

 The appliance is not intended for built-in purposes; only use as a tabletop appliance.

 The appliance should not touch hot surfaces.

 The electrical outlet must be easily accessible when cooking so that the plug can be quickly disconnected in the case of an emergency.

 The setup of this unit in non-stationary locations (e.g., boats, airplanes, motor homes) must be carried out by a qualified electrician, provided they guarantee the prerequisites for the safe use of the unit.

4.2 Electrical connection

In order to ensure the safe and trouble-free operation of the appliance, the following instructions must be observed for the electrical connection:

 Before plugging in the appliance, compare the voltage and frequency data on the Sous Vide Stick’s rating plate (found on the bottom of the appliance) with that of your electrical network.

This data must be compatible. If in doubt consult a qualified electrician.

 The use of a multi-plug outlet adapter is not recommended due to fire danger.

 Inspect the power cord for damage and ensure it doesn’t run under the appliance or over hot or sharp surfaces.

 The electrical safety of the appliance is only guaranteed if it is connected to a properly grounded electrical system. Operations using an electrical outlet without a ground are prohibited. If in doubt, have the house installation checked by a qualified electrician. The manufacturer cannot be made responsible for damages that are caused by a missing or damaged ground.

 Make sure you always use a grounded wall socket to connect the appliance.

4.2.1 Polarization instruction

► To reduce the risk of electric shock, this product has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). This plug is intended to fit in a polarized outlet only one way.

► If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug and try again.

► If it still does not fit properly, contact a qualified electrician to install the proper outlet.

► Do not alter the plug in any way.

13 4.2.2 Extension cords

► If an extension cord is used:

► The electrical rating of the extension cord should be at least as great as the electrical rating of the appliance.

► The cord should be arranged so that it does not drape over a countertop or tabletop where it can be pulled by children or tripped over.

► When using an extension cord, always make sure that the entire cable is unwound from the reel.

► If the appliance is of the grounded type, the cord set or extension cord should be a grounding-type 3-wire cord.

5 Complete Overview

This chapter provides you with an overview of your Sous Vide Stick and explains some of its key features.

5.1 Appliance diagram A. Control dial

B. Control display

C. Operation indicator light D. Clamp

E. Max. and min. marking F. Stainless steel skirt G. Cover

 Attach the appliance to the cooking vessel with the clamp, ensuring your hand is not caught in the clamp.

 Fill the cooking vessel with water, following the min./max.

markings on the device.

 Plug in the power plug into outlet after filling.



► Refill evaporated water during use, so that the water level in the cooking vessel is always filled to the min-marking on the device. Otherwise the appliance could be damaged.

► The cooking vessel should not be covered with a lid.

► Use a cooking vessel with a capacity of up to 5.25 Gallons and minimum height of 6 in./15 cm.

► Please ensure that the cooking vessel can withstand temperatures up to 194°F/90°C.


Risk of crushing!

When clamping the appliance to the cooking vessel, make sure that your hands are out of the way of the clamp to prevent crushing.

5.2 Assembling/Disassembling Assembling of stainless steel skirt

Slide the stainless steel skirt over the heating rods so that the arrow

points to the opened lock symbol Rotate the stainless steel skirt clockwise until the arrow points to the closed lock symbol:

For disassembling turn the stainless steel skirt counterclockwise.



► Make sure the propeller does not touch the stainless steel skirt as it can easily be damaged.

Place the cover so that the larger locking hook (A) next to stream opening (B) is inserted into the larger intake (C) close to the point (D). Rotate counterclockwise.

5.3 Control Panel 1. Control dial

2. Setting of temperature/time 3. Display of remaining cooking time 4. Actual cooking temperature

5. On/Off of appliance and starting of heating process

5.4 Rating plate

The rating plate with the connection and performance data can be found on the back side.

6 Operation

This chapter provides instructions on the proper operation of your Sous Vide Stick:

16 6.1 Sous Vide cooking

Sous Vide cooking is where food is cooked gently in a vacuum sealed bag. The food is cooked at a low temperature in its own juice, making it particularly tender and tasty.

1. Plug in the power plug. The button and operation indicator light will illuminate and the appliance is in standby mode.

2. Press and hold button until the appliance beeps allows you to choose whether you wish to view the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

3. Press again. Set desired temperature (32-194° F/0 – 90° C) with control dial.

4. Press button to set the time. The timer will be flashing. Turn the control dial to desired hour, confirm with then set desired minute with control dial. Confirm with and the appliance will begin the heating process.

5. You will hear a signal and the operation indicator light will be flashing when the desired temperature is reached.

6. The appliance will beep once the desired temperature is reached. Place the vacuum packed food into the cooking vessel. If needed, add weight to the vacuumed bags so they are fully submerged.

7. The appliance counts down the time and will beep again, once the time is over.

Then “END” is shown in the display.

8. When you want to change the settings please press for 3 seconds and change settings as described above.

9. You can deactivate the appliance by pressing for 3 seconds. The appliance will switch to standby mode.


► Avoid the risk of scalding! Use care when removing food from the cooking vessel.


► If the appliance should indicate “EE1” in the LED display after switching on even though the water filled in is above the minimum level, please add some salt to the water and stir well.

17 7 Storage

Store the unit in its upright position, out of the reach of children.


► Turn off the appliance after use to avoid unnecessary energy consumption and ensure your safety.

► Always unplug the appliance from its outlet immediately after using and before cleaning.

8 Cleaning and Maintenance

This chapter provides important information on properly cleaning and maintaining your Sous Vide Stick 350.

8.1 Safety information


Please observe the following safety notices before cleaning the unit, to avoid damage to the unit or personal injury:

► To ensure optimum performance, the unit must be cleaned regularly. Failure to clean the unit regularly can lead to potential malfunctions, as well as safety and health risks.

► Turn off and unplug the unit prior to cleaning.

► Clean the unit after every use as soon as it has cooled. Leaving the unit unclean for long periods can make it very difficult to remove leftover food and grime and may even damage the unit.

► If moisture penetrates the unit’s display housing, it can damage the electronic components. Please ensure that no moisture enters the appliance control display.

► Do not use any harsh or abrasive cleaning agents.

► Do not attempt to scrape off stubborn grime with hard or abrasive tools.

► Dry all parts thoroughly before using again after cleaning.

► Do not clean the appliance in the dishwasher. Never

immerse the control display of the appliance into liquid for longer than 30 minutes up to max. of 3 feet (IPX 7 regulations).

8.2 Maintenance and cleaning:

Let the appliance cool before cleaning.

Take the appliance out of the cooking vessel and dry it thoroughly with a cloth/drying towel. Place it on a drying towel after this, so that the heating element can dry inside.

Remove stainless steel skirt and cover as described at disassembling. Clean both under running water with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly.

18 Heating element (rods) and propeller can be cleaned carefully with a soft brush and mild detergent under running water.

Be careful with the propeller, in order to prevent damage to the unit when reassembling.

8.3 Descaling

Descale the appliance regularly, at least after every 25th use. Durgol® Universal is recommended for the descaling process

Place the appliance securely in a vessel or clamp it so that the appliance is covered with a mixture of 5 oz. durgol® Universal and water just below the max marking. Wait 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly and dry. Repeat as needed to remove all lime scale.

9 Troubleshooting

The following may help you address minor malfunctions:

9.1 Safety notices


► Only qualified electricians trained by the manufacturer may carry out any repairs on electrical equipment

► Improperly performed repairs may result in personal injury or damage to the appliance.

9.2 Troubleshooting

If the Sous Vide Stick does not work:

1. Check that the cable is properly plugged into the wall socket 2. Check cable for damage.

3. Verify that the wall socket works with another appliance or appliance.

9.3 Troubleshooting table

The digital display is lit, but the appliance does not start the cooking program and displays an error code instead:

Error Code

Possible Causes Solution

EE1 1. Cooking vessel

is empty

Fill clean water up to above the

“MIN” level.

2. Water too low Fill clean water up to above the

“MIN” level.

3. Appliance is not positioned

correctly on the table

Place the appliance on a flat surface


► In the event of technical troubles, faulty devices or missing parts, please contact Customer Service.

10 Disposal of an Old Device

To protect the environment, it’s important to dispose of old electronic devices properly. Do not place an old unit in non-recyclable waste under any circumstances.


► Please take an old unit to the nearest recycling center for safe disposal.

► Until it can be disposed of properly, keep your old unit away from children.

11 Warranty

We provide a 1 year warranty for this product, commencing from the date of sale, for manufacturing defects.

The warranty does not include damages, incurred as a result of improper handling or use, or malfunctions which only have a minor effect on the function or the value of the device. Consumables, transit damages, as well as damages incurred as a result of any repairs that were not performed by us, are also excluded from the warranty.

In the event of justified claims, we will repair the faulty appliance at our discretion or replace it with a trouble-free device. Any pending errors and issues must be reported within 14 days of delivery. All further claims are excluded. To submit a warranty claim, please contact us prior to returning the appliance (always provide us with proof of purchase) via email at or by calling +1 803-548-2000.

12 Technical Data

Device Stick


Mode d'emploi original Cuiseur sous vide 350


N°. d'art. 5005 50111312

21 13 Mode d´emploi

13.1 Généralités

Merci d’avoir acheté Sous Vide Stick 350 Veuillez lire attentivement cette notice avant d’utiliser votre nouvel appareil pour vous familiariser avec son fonctionnement.

Vous apprendrez sur les pages suivantes comment entretenir correctement et utiliser votre appareil en sécurité pour qu’il fonctionne avec un maximum d’efficacité dans les années à venir. Veuillez conserver ces consignes et les lire avant utilisation.

Vous apprendrez sur les pages suivantes comment entretenir correctement et utiliser votre appareil en sécurité pour qu’il fonctionne avec un maximum d’efficacité dans les années à venir. Veuillez conserver ces consignes et les lire avant utilisation.

Dans le document Instruction Manual Sous Vide Stick 350 (Page 8-0)