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HP-IB 30341A


Academic year: 2022

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HP 3000 Computer System

HP 30341A HP-IB Interface Module

Diagnostic Manual Set




Part No. 30341-60001

Index No. 3HDWR.070.30341-60001 Printed in U.S.A5fSI



The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

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The list of effective manuals gives the name and latest printing date of each manual currently contained in the Diagnostic Manual Set.

The list of effective pages, provided with each manual, gives the date of the current edition and the date of any pages changed in updates to that edition.

PREFACE To The HP 30341A HP-IB Interface Module Diagnostic Manual Set 4/81

Hardware Self-Test Reference Manual 4/81

Diagnostic/Utility System III Reference Manual 4/81 AID Diagnostic Language Reference Manual 4/81

Sleuth Simulator Diagnostic Language Reference Manual 4/81 IOMAP Diagnostic Reference Manual 4/81

General I/O Channel (GIC) Diagnostic Manual 4/81

HP 7976A Magnetic Tape Drive On-Line Diagnostic Manual 6/81 UP 2680A Laser Printing System On-Line Diagnostic Manual 6/81



The HP 3034lA HP-IB Interface Module Diagnostic Manual Set is a collection of stand-alone manuals organized as follows:

• Hardware Self-Test

• Stand-Alone Diagnostic Languages

• System Diagnostic

• Peripheral Diagnostics

Hardware Self-Test

This section contains the HP 30341A HP-IB Interface Module Hard- ware Self-Test Reference Manual.

Stand-Alone Diagnostic Languages

This section contains the Diagnostic/utility System III Reference Manual, AID Diagnostic Language Reference Manual, Sleuth Simulat- or Diagnostic Language Reference Manual, and IOMAP Diagnostic Reference Manual.

System Diagnostic

This section contains the General I/O Channel (GIC) Diagnostic Manual.

Peripheral Diagnostics

This section contains the following diagnostic manuals:

HP 7976 Magnetic Tape Drive HP 2680 Page Printer Verifier




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