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The first thing to do is to


Academic year: 2022

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1 Complete the sentences with survival verbs.

You can use the position of the sun to help you find your way.

1 The first thing to do is to drinking water.

2 Should you a tree if you see a snake?

3 You must try to a shelter for the night.

4 If you don’t know what a plant is, you should ...eating it.

5 You should away from dangerous animals!

6 If you at night, you will be cooler.

7 Can I fruit in the jungle to eat?

8 If you where you are, you won’t find your way home.

9 If you see a dangerous animal, try not to a noise.

2 What six things do you think would be the most useful things to have in the jungle? Make a list, and say why each thing is useful.

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