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The main part of the work will be devoted to the design and the analysis of optimal algorithms in the context of a very large network


Academic year: 2022

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Internship at INRIA Rocquencourt

Bandwidth Allocation Algorithms in WDM PON (Passive Optical Networks).

Research team

RAP (Réseaux, algorithms et probabilités) see: https://www-roc.inria.fr/rap/

Among other subjects, RAP performs research  on  resource management in communication networks.

Research Context

Because  of their  very  high  bandwidth optical  networks  are playing  a  more and  more

important role in the design of  future network architectures (like FTTH).  These networks

are posing  a set of challenging  problems in the  domain of bandwidth allocation:

 how to

allocate dynamically optical paths in an optimal way for example.

Contribution of the intern

The  program of  the intern  is in  a  first step  to investigate some bandwidth allocation algorithms with cyclic scheduling and to investigate the main performance

issues   of these algorithms. The main  part of  the work will  be devoted to  the design

and the analysis of  optimal algorithms in the context of a very large network.   

Skills and profile of the candidate

The intern will have strong motivation for algorithm design of network algorithms and for analyzing the performance of stochastic systems.

Location: Rocquencourt Contact

Candidates should send a CV and motivating letter to [Philippe.Robert@inria.fr]


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