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How many shopping malls are there in the USA


Academic year: 2022

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(1)COMPREHENSION 3PNTS. Sc. ol. ai. re. AN. IS SE. A. Read the passage and answer the questions below:. 1. How many shopping malls are there in the USA? ---------------------. e. -------------------------------------------------------------------. up. 2. Why do teenagers prefer to go to the mall on their own? -----------. ro. -------------------------------------------------------------------. G. 3. Why is the mall the perfect place for the 12 and 15-year-old kids? -. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B. Complete from the passage:. 1PNTS. 1. Young people aged between 13 and 19 years old are called -----------------2. The place where we buy clothes and hang out with friends is called a ------------C. The expressions below refer to teenagers or to shopping malls. Complete the chart:. hang out - second home - safe and popular - have fun teenagers and kids. shopping malls. -------------------. -------------------. -------------------. -------------------. 2PNTS.

(2) LANGUAGE D. Rewrite the sentences using the adverbs in brackets:. 1.5PNTS. 1. I have breakfast in the morning. (always) ----------------------------------------------------------------2. I am late for school. (never) ----------------------------------------------------------------3. I don’t stay up late on schooldays. (usually) ----------------------------------------------------------------E. Complete with the correct forms of the present simple using the verbs in brackets:. Ted often --------------- (fly) his model planes on Sundays. Susan --------------- (go) to bed at 9.00. My teeth --------------- (not be) as white as my mum’s. How ------------ you ------------ (call) ‘iîle’ in English?. F. Match a question (1-4) to its answer (a-d) 1. What’s the time? 2. What time do you get up? 3. Do you like hiking? 4. What do you do in your free time?. a. b. c. d.. a or an:. 1. Oxford is ---- university. 3. See you in ---- hour!. 4. Do you live in ---- house by the river?. H. Write the time in full letters:. It’s ----------------------------------------. 2) 03:51. It’s ----------------------------------------. 1PNT. ol. ai. 1) 22:15. • • • •. It’s It’s It’s It’s. one o’clock midday midnight half past six. up. e. 00:00 18:30 01:00 12:00. J. Write the prices with the currencies symbols:. 1.5PNTS. twelve pounds ninety forty-eight pence thirty-three dollars sixty-two. G. ro. 1) ----------2) ----------3) -----------. 1PNT. Sc. I. Match the times:. 1) 2) 3) 4). 1PNT. 2. It’s raining. I need ---- umbrella.. re. VOCABULARY. I often go skiing. At half past six. Yes, I do. It’s a quarter past seven.. AN. G. Fill in with the indefinite article. 2PNTS. IS SE. 1. 2. 3. 4.. 2PNTS. WRITING. K. Use the space below to write a short paragraph about your weekend activities: Hints: - use the present simple tense - use adverbs of frequency - use two negative forms at least. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.



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