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Sulla stabilità di un punto fisso per funzioni di n variabili complesse. Problema del Centro di Schröder-Siegel


Academic year: 2021

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(1)Institutional Repository - Research Portal Dépôt Institutionnel - Portail de la Recherche researchportal.unamur.be University of Namur. RESEARCH OUTPUTS / RÉSULTATS DE RECHERCHE. Sulla stabilità di un punto fisso per funzioni di n variabili complesse. Problema del Centro di Schröder-Siegel Carletti, Timoteo Published in: Bolletino UMI. Author(s) - Auteur(s) : Publication date: 2005. Publication - Date de publication : Documentdate Version. Première version, également connu sous le nom de pré-print. Link to publication Citation for pulished version (HARVARD): Carletti, Tlink 2005, stabilità :di un punto fisso per funzioni di n variabili complesse. Problema del Centro di Permanent - 'Sulla Permalien Schröder-Siegel', Bolletino UMI, VOL. 8, Numéro 8, p. 123-131.. Rights / License - Licence de droit d’auteur :. General rights Copyright and moral rights for the publications made accessible in the public portal are retained by the authors and/or other copyright owners and it is a condition of accessing publications that users recognise and abide by the legal requirements associated with these rights. • Users may download and print one copy of any publication from the public portal for the purpose of private study or research. • You may not further distribute the material or use it for any profit-making activity or commercial gain • You may freely distribute the URL identifying the publication in the public portal ? Take down policy If you believe that this document breaches copyright please contact us providing details, and we will remove access to the work immediately and investigate your claim.. Download date: 28. août. 2021 Moretus Plantin Bibliothèque Universitaire.


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(24) è »  ,× ( Û %sõ#Ø s¢t¨zŸ¥sã`ŸtÕ !120}.× *#Ø ×–Ø ë 0312µ.× *#Ø % ¯IŸŠ®¦t­˜`Wš *[™›5¬ 4<¥ŠšœŸ±˜#›Ÿ±¡<Ÿ±˜# ŸÒÓšz¥±šz˜`¦[¢t¨œ¨Q©ñ¦t®›šœ­tšœ˜`ŸS6 ² ’¦šœ¥sã 7Ÿ   Vç Ÿ5§ šœ˜#ÓS¢t®°šÃ¢t˜# ŸB¯IŸŠ® ¥±¦˜`šz¬`­šz¦`Àšz¨‚™›šz™° ŸŠ¡N)¢ 8¯šs¬.§ ™›ŸŠ¡µ¯`¨zšœ¥Š9Ÿ 8)®›šz™›¬`¨Ù ŸŠ®K¢ § -;:5Õ *,Ö< -;:¾.× *Ø =ë ë   *² ³šœ¢t¡<¦oÁ1¬`šœ˜`£ššœ˜ ­® ¢S£`¦ä£`š‚Ñ•¦®›¡â¬`¨Ã¢t®°Ÿbšœ¨QÕ >hÈs¸té±ýœÊÉü<ê Æ*ÊÉ@ ý ?hÊɹ¤ºQÈ ¸b¸Kýœ¸KüN¸KAÈ - ¸·ÆtC» B‚E¶ D*GÈ ¸tF Æ*ÊÉIÈ H$B »FJÊ #*ÊÉý ²‡Î¢S K¦ +

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(27) £`šb¬`˜`šÙѕ¦®›¡<šœ«Š« ¢t«Ššœ¦˜Ÿ£Yš X͚œŸ±¡µ¢t˜`˜ Ÿšœ¨ – šœ. ë à‡ŸŠ¡µ¡µ¢)£`š‡³¥sã!~¢t®›«â¢t™›™°šœ¥Š¬`® ¢t˜¦<¨Q©ñŸŠÁ1¬`šzÓS¢t¨zŸ±˜`«±¢)ѕ®›¢)™°s¢Sø`šœ¨zšzS¢ § Ÿå®°šœ™°¦¨œ¬`øšœ¨œšÙS¢§ £`Ÿ±¨r®°¦ø`¨œŸŠ¡N¢ £`Ÿ±[¨ Z~Ÿ±˜#›®›¦ W ¨z¦¡<¦®°Ñ•¦  t ² ¸ ^’¸KÈÉü<êtýœÊÉ_² \`Z~¦t˜`™›šz£`Ÿ±®°šÃ¢t¡<¦`À¥Š¦¡<Ÿå¯®›šœ¡<¦ä¯¤¢t™°™›¦`À¤šz¨¯`®›¦ø¨œŸ±¡µ¢o£`ŸŠ¨’¥ŠŸ±˜# ®°¦ t ² – M² \]?kêKǍ) ˜`Ÿ±¨r¥±¢t™›a¦ - ¸KÈùü<êtýœÊÉ,² b ™°™›¬`¡<šÃ¢S¡µ¦.î ë – ¯mŸ±®™›ŸŠ¡µ¯`¨zšzߤ¥±¢t®›Ÿâ¨Ã¢´™›¥Š®›šÙ› ¬® ¢.£`šr¢t¨z¥±¬`˜Ÿ)Ÿ±™›¯®›Ÿ±d™ c ™›šœ¦t˜`šF²^³šÃ¢åÁ*¬šœ˜`£`Vš eB?è (gf =Ÿ Ôh ?è * (q +*   ¬`˜¤¢å™›ŸŠ®›šœŸeѕ¦®›¡µ¢t¨zŸÍ¢ ¥±¦*iŸ 4<¥ŠšœŸ±˜#›šI¥Š¦¡µ¯¨œŸ±™°™›š £`ŸŠ¨œ¨Ã¢ ѕ¦®›¡µ¢ Ô h ë e *2jlknm Ô m * m o² Z~Ÿ±®›¥sãšÃ¢t¡<¦)¬`˜‚©ñ¢t¨z›® ¢o™°Ÿ±®›šzŸbѕ¦®›¡µ¢t¨zŸ p h ë *2jqkrm p m * m ?è * (q +*   s¢t¨zŸ¥sã`Ÿåѕ¦t®›¡µ¢t¨œ¡<Ÿ±˜# Ÿ·™›šœ¢)ÓtŸ±®°šzߤ¥±¢Ss¢ä¨F©á¬`­¬¤¢S¨œšÃ¢S˜`« ¢Õ Ô h 1 p h ë p h 1 -tM% s £`¦ÓŸ -;t*.× *Ø ë e*²å—·­t¬¤¢t¨œšœ¢t˜`£`¦µ¨œŸ ¯I¦t›Ÿ±˜`«ŠŸ)£`š *.šz˜Ÿ±˜# ®›¢t¡oø`šVš¾¡<Ÿ±¡oø®›š’£`Ÿ±¨z¨F©áŸ±Á1¬¤¢t«Ššœ¦˜`Ÿ ¦t››Ÿ±˜`šœ¢t¡µ¦Õ m u× e@vgwqemØ p ëv Ô v Ÿ J× e wqemØ p m Oë x m u× eS%ùÔ v %yy9yf%ùÔ m % p v %yyyf% p m ì¤í Ø z|{VOï }>% × t Ø £`¦ÓŸ x m Ÿ·§ ¬`˜‚©áŸ±™›¯®›Ÿ±™°™›šz¦˜`Ÿb¯m¦¨œšz˜`¦¡<šÃ¢t¨zŸ~˜`m ŸŠ¨œ¨zŸeÓS¢t®°šÃ¢tø`šz¨œšQ² W ™°™›ŸŠ®°Ó*šÃ¢t¡<¦â¥s㟠x m ˜`¦˜µ£`šœ¯mŸ±˜`£Ÿ £¤¢ pC~ ¯IŸŠK® Oï { À`Á1¬`šz˜`£`š¢S™›™›¬¡µŸŠ˜`£`€¦ e we ë 7 õo¯mŸ±® ¦t­˜`Gš {VèË f ÀŸb§ ¯m¦™›™°šœø`šz¨œŸ ®°šœ™°¦¨zÓtŸ±®›Ÿ šœ¨‚™°šœ™°›Ÿ±¡µ¢)šœ˜ߤ˜šz ¦)£šŸ±Á1¬¤¢t«Ššœ¦˜`š¯mŸ±® ®°šœ¥Š¦®›®°Ÿ±˜`«±¢² }.

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(29) .× *#Ø  *² eŸ±¨ ®›ŸŠ™° ¢t˜# Ÿ ¥ ¢t™°¦ ¯I¦˜šÃ¢t¡<¦ e À 6è}¿ åÄŨœ¢´™›¦¨z¬`«±šz¦˜`Ÿo™°Ÿ±®°šœŸâѕ¦®°¡N¢S¨œŸNŸ)§ ømŸ±˜7£`ŸÉߤ˜`šÙs¢´¡µ¢´¨Ã¢N™°¬¤¢ v    ŸŠÓŸŠ˜# ¬¤¢t¨zŸh¥Š¦ë ˜#Ó ŸŠ®›­ŸŠ˜`« ¢e£`šœ¯mŸ±˜`£ŸtÀK­® ¢t«ŠšœŸr¢S¨¯`®›ŸŠ¥±ŸŠ£`Ÿ±˜# Ÿh®›šz™›¬`¨Ùs¢S›¦ £`š#Îbšz®›šœ¥s㨜ŸŠ±À±Ñ•¦®ž Ÿ±¡<Ÿ±˜#›Ÿ £¤¢t¨œ¨zŸâ¯`®°¦¯`®°šœŸŠK¢.§ ¢t®›šÙ ¡<ŸŠ›šœ¥sã`Ÿ £`Ÿ±¨^˜1¬`¡<Ÿ±®°¦ šœ®›®›¢t«±šz¦˜¤¢t¨zŸ e;Õ 8tÓtŸ±¨œ¦*¥±šÙS¢N§ £šr¢t¯`¯`®°¦™›™°šœ¡µ¢t«±šz¦˜`Ÿ £`š 0¥Š¦˜® ¢t«Ššœ¦˜¤¢S¨œš 8² à‡€¢ ’Ÿ±¦t®›šÃ¢<¢t˜¤¢S¨œšz›šœ¥±¢ä£Ÿ±lš ·¬`¡<Ÿ±®°š   ¥±š‡¦tÂI®›ŸµýÙYê -ùÈ°ê R±»F¸K¹XÊ)¶s¸K¹¤ºv»¼¹¤½`ê奱¦¡<Ÿ ѕ¦˜£¤¢t¡<Ÿ±T˜ c s¢t¨zŸ™° ®°¬`¡<Ÿ±˜# ¦<¯IŸŠ®Í™° ¬£`šÃ¢t®°Ÿšœ¨‚­®›¢t£`¦ä£`š‡¢t¯¯`®›¦™°™›šz¡N¢t«Ššœ¦˜Ÿ£`ššœ®°® ¢t«Ššœ¦˜¤¢S¨œš ¥±¦˜® ¢S«±šœ¦t˜¤¢t¨œšQ² b £0¦­t˜`š·šz®›®›¢t«±šz¦˜¤¢t¨zŸ´æ ® ¢S¡µšÙ Ÿ ¨F©ñ¢t¨œ­t¦®›šÙ ¡< ¦ ¤® ¢t«Ššœ¦˜`Ÿ ¥Š¦˜# šœ˜1¬¤¢Ï£`š ¢t¬`™°™±ÀÍ¢t™°™›¦*¥±šœ¢t¡µ¦ ¬`˜7™›¬`¥Š¥±Ÿ±™°™›šz¦˜`Ÿä£`š¾®›¢t«±šz¦˜¤¢t¨zšh!× k3" 9±Ø ÜŠÝ À‚£`ŸŠ° š·¶s¸K#¹ tÊÉuÈ #*Êɹ¤ºv»¼ÀX¥sã`Ÿ)­t¦£`¦t˜`¦´£`ŸŠ¨œ¨œŸ ™›ŸŠ­¬`Ÿ±˜#›š ¯`®›¦¯®›šœŸÉS¢§ Õ š 3' ( è À *)+ 9SÀ, 3" ë 7 Ck3" itÀ~¢t¨œ¨z¦® ¢ – ²å%× $\šz­¨œšz¦®›Ÿ´¢t¯`¯`®°¦™›™°šœ¡µ¢t«±šz¦˜`ŸØ ’Ÿ±®µ¦­˜`&  k3" 9/w

(30) æ T  3' Yw(æ  Ä ¦ 3' .è &s¢t¨zŸ<¥sã7Ÿ  3" ,w3æ /)× t v Øsì¤íùÀV¢t¨z¨œ¦®›¢´Ÿ±™›šz™°›1Ÿ "}0 ïõ t ²å× W ››šœ¡µ¢t¨œšÙS¢#§ ØÍ΢S›s¢t¨zŸ¥sã`2Ÿ 3" ë 43 3" '3 Ä. Y GJQnoI'E.E.GlIfL<L@I h P@e.PWLON

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(52) ë j 9 ¢t¨z¨œ¦®›¢ŸŠ™›šz™° Ÿ·¬`˜´­ŸŠ®›¡<Ÿ ¦¨z¦¡<¦®°Ñ•¦åÔ^,× *#Ø ë  v   *ojŠÀ¥sã`Ÿb˜`¦t˜ ™›šÃ¢ä¢t˜`¢t¨œšÙ šœ¥±¢t¡<Ÿ±˜# Ÿ·¨œšœ˜Ÿ ¢t®°šœ«±«±¢tø`šz¨œŸtÀ*ŸÁ1¬`šœ˜`£š‚¨F©á¦®›šz­šœ˜Ÿ ˜`¦˜™›šœ¢)™°s¢Sø`šœ¨zŸä×JZ~®°Ÿ±¡<Ÿ±® –t5 Øɲ ³Ÿ.šz˜#ÓŸ±¥ŠŸ\šz¨~­®›¢t£`¦5£`šÍ¢S¯`¯`®›¦t™›™›šz¡N¢S«±šœ¦t˜`ŸN£` š ¥Š¦˜[® ¢t«Ššœ¦˜¤¢S¨œš Ÿ§ ¢S¨ ¯`š ¬

(53) § ¯m¦¨zšœ˜`¦¡<šÃ¢S¨œŸtÕ. 9 òIírë ×  òIí ؒ¯mŸ±®V¬`˜)Á1¬¤¢t¨z¥sã` Ÿ 0õÀ¢t¨œ¨z¦® ¢ ¦­˜š­ŸŠ®›¡<Ÿ~¦¨z¦¡<¦®°Ñ•¦·ÔVÀ¥sãŸ~ߤ™›™°š¨Q©ñ¦®°šœ­šz˜`Ÿ Ÿ ¥±¦t˜ Ô•×võ#Ø ë  v   IÀXŸb§ ¢S˜¤¢t¨œšÙ šz¥ ¢t¡<Ÿ±˜# Ÿ ¨zšœ˜`Ÿ±¢t®›šz«±«±¢tø`šœ¨zŸ Ÿ ¨Q©ñ¦t®›šœ­tšœ˜`ŸŸe§ ™°s¢Sø`šœ¨zŸo×Q³šœŸŠ­Ÿ±¨ – a t Øɲ "!$#&% ( ƒ ' ÇsǍÊÉÈ »vêtüN¸}E¶ D¤Ê7¸ #t¹¤»ÈÉ»œÇɽ*ý ºFêtºx¸(¹XJÊ ##êtºQ» t¸ *N¶s¸KüNÊB»¼ýÍÈù»œÇɽ*ý ºYêtº ¸[Æts» ?^È ÊÉüNÊÉ+È * Æ*Ê tÊ´ÊsÇsǍÊÉÈ KÊ - ¸KÈùü)½ýÙêtº ¸¶s¸KüNÊ´ÊsÇÉ»œÇɺ ÊÉM¹ RêBÆt»~½¹ ¶s¸K¹¤ºvÈ ¸ÊsǍÊÉü úm»F¸BÊä¹X¸K¹ úm½ ¸B' ÊsÇsǍÊÉÈsÊ Kêtý »vÆ*¸ ú¤ÊÉÈ5ºQ½*ºQºv»)» #*ÊÉÈùü)*» ),+ɹ -Šêtºvºv»eú¤¸ÇsÇÉ»vêtüN¸BúmÈ ÊɹmÆ*ÊÉÈ Ê5½*¹m.ê -±½êtýªÇÉ»vêKÇÉ»âÈ ¸KºFê R±»F¸K¹XÊ -0/ 1325476S.× *#Ø ë  v 98 *´ÊͶs¸K¹¤»¼½ ##êtÈùýÙêâ¶s¸K¹:-±½êtýªÇÉ»vêKÇÉ» ½¹NÆt» bÊs¸KüN¸Kȼû^ÇÉüN¸ êt¹mêtý »¼ºQ»F¶s¸*<;¾×,*#ØE*^¶ED¤Êmû^ÇsÇÉ»mý5= ¸KÈù»S#t»¼¹XÊE* ¸KºQº ÊɹXÊɹmÆ*¸å½€¹ #*ÊÉÈùüNʸKýœ¸KüN¸KAÈ - ?¸ >X.× *#Ø ë ;ì¤í 1- / 1325476@1@;¾,× *#EØ *k¶s¸KA¹ >X×QõØ ë õ\BÊ >C¼×võ#Ø ë  v  98 * ¶ED¤ÊåÈÉ»œÇɽ*ý ºFê¸' »vêtüNÊɹ¤ºxÊêt¹mêtý »¼ºQ»F¶›êtüNÊɹ¤º Êý »¼¹XʛêtÈù»SRERê#é±»¼ýœÊD-±½êtýœÊ)¶ED¤ÊbÇÉ»vêFEG) H ý »h»¼ÈÉÈ°ê R±»F¸K¹mêtý » E¶ D¤Ê tÊÉÈù» û ¶›êt¹X¸µýÙê5¶s¸K¹mÆtS» R±»F¸K¹XÊoÆt»Í¶ÉÈsÊsǍ¶É»¼ºFê.»¼¹¤ºQÈ ¸±Æ*¸KºvºYê\Æ# ê B »FJÊ #*ÊÉýÇ¸K¹X¸ E¶ D*»vêtü<êtºQ»Îbšz¦tÑv¢t˜# ŸŠš ÊÇÉ»Iúm ½ ¸N' Æt»¼üN¸ÇɺvÈ°êtÈ ÊoE¶ D¤ÊǍ¸K¹X¸µÆt»^ü)»œÇɽ*È°êåúm»FÊɹmIê ) eŸ±¨ ¨Ã¢ Ót¦®›¦7£`ŸŠ¨ –(–KJ ®°¬`˜`¦  –f ¡µšz­¨œšz¦® ¢šœ¨h®›šœ™°¬`¨z ¢S ¦5£še³šœŸŠ­Ÿ±¨ šz˜# ®›¦*£`¬`¥ŠŸ±˜`£¦Ï¬`˜`¢ ¥±¦˜`£šœ«±šz¦˜`Ÿ.™°5¬ 4<¥±šœŸŠ˜# Ÿ¯IŸŠ®)®›šœ™°¦¨zÓtŸ±®°Ÿ.šœK¨ r®°¦ø`¨œŸŠ¡N¢£Ÿ± ¨ Z~Ÿ±˜#›®›¦Ò¦¨œ¦¡<¦®žÑ•¦¯`š ¬

(54) § £Ÿ±øm¦¨œMŸ LÀ ¨F©ášœ®›®›¢t«±šz¦˜¤¢t¨z9Ÿ £`ŸÉÓŸ ÓŸŠ®›šzß`¥ ¢t®°ŸtKÕ N.× ~Ø ë k ¨œ¦­ i òIí 3" i

(55) j 9 ² V¢t¨zŸ´¥±¦˜£`šœ«Ššœ¦˜`Ÿ5Ÿ§ ¥sã`šÃ¢t¡µ¢S ¢äšz˜\¨zŸŠ° Ÿ±®›¢S ¬® ¢¶s¸K¹mÆt»SR±»F¸K¹XÊ Æt»POÍÈù½¹X¸bŸ ­t¨œš‚šz®›® ¢S«±šœ¦t˜¤¢t¨œšI¥sã`Ÿå¨Ã¢ä™›¦*£`£`šœ™žÑv¢t˜`¦ä™›¦t˜`¦ £`ŸŠ° šk¹¤½üNÊÉÈù»ÅÆtQ» OÍÈù½*¹X¸K² J ®°¬`˜`¦µ£`šœ¡<¦™°›® ¢)šœ˜¦¨z›®›Ÿb¥sã`Ÿ Ÿ±™°šœ™°›¦˜`¦<£`¬`Ÿå¥±¦™žs¢t˜#›šV¬`˜šzÓŸŠ®›™›¢t¨œš s¢t¨zš¥sã`1ŸoX ¨Ã¢ä™›¦t¨œ¬`«Ššœ¦˜`Ÿ™°Ÿ±®›šzŸ ѕ¦®°¡N¢S¨œŸ¥±¦t˜1ÓtŸ±®°­Ÿošœ˜¬`˜£šœ™›¥Š¦N£`š‡®›¢t­­šzS¦ Rm× ~ØÉÀ £`¦ÓTŸ Rm× ~Øeï U Rí  Wì V ð tó ² eŸ±¨œ¨œ¢Ï£`šz¡µ¦t™° ®›¢t«±šz¦˜`Ÿ\£`š J ®°¬`˜`¦[™›š· ®›¦ÓS¢t˜`¦}£Ÿ±¨œ¨zŸB™ž šœ¡<ŸB¯mŸ±®.¨zŸB¥Š¦™° ¢t˜# š U í Ÿ U v Ä ¯I¦šz¥sãŸo šz¨’®›¢t­­šz¦µ£š¾¥±¦t˜1ÓtŸ±®°­Ÿ±˜`«±¢.£`šœ¯mŸ±˜`£Ÿo£¤¢t¨z¨Ã¢ä¥±¦™žs¢t˜# Ÿ U v  ® ¢S¡µšÙ Ÿ¬`˜5Ÿ±™°¯I¦t˜`Ÿ±˜`«ŠšÃ¢t¨zŸtÀ Ÿ§ šz¡µ¯m¦®žs¢t˜# Ÿ ¦t››Ÿ±˜`ŸŠ®›Ÿå¨Ã¢o¡<šœ­¨zšœ¦®°Ÿ·™ž šœ¡µ¢o¯m¦™›™°šœø`šz¨œŸb¯mŸ±® U v ² ’¬››šš‡®›šœ™°¬`¨z ¢S šX¯`®›ŸŠ™›Ÿ±˜# ¢S š‡ß¤˜Á*¬1§Y’™°¦˜`¦µ™°s¢K š‡¦t››Ÿ±˜1¬›š’¥Š¦˜šœ¨¡<ŸŠ ¦*£`¦ä£`šz®›ŸŠ° ¦<£`Ÿ±¨z¨œŸ ™›Ÿ±®°šœŸ ¡µ¢t­­tšœ¦®›¢t˜# šFS² eŸ±¨ –  [Z ¦*¥±¥Š¦W«  R ¬ šz¨œšœ«Š« ¢t˜£`¦·¬˜¤¢b¥±¦™ž ®°¬`«±šz¦˜`Ÿ ­ŸŠ¦¡<ŸŠ ®°šœ¥±¢ÀS£ŸŠ› ¢ ÈÉ»¼¹X¸KÈùü<êtý S» RERê R±»F¸K¹X)Ê #*Ês¸KüNÊɺQÈù»F¶›êtÀk£`šz¡µ¦™ž ®›¢¨F©á¦t››šœ¡µ¢t¨œšÙS¢.§ £`Ÿ±¨z¨Ã¢¥Š¦˜`£`šz«±šœ¦t˜`Ÿ.£`š J ®°¬`˜`¦`Õ ™°Ÿ ¨F©ášœ®›®›¢t«±šz¦˜`Ÿ ˜`¦t˜÷Ÿ§ ¬`˜3˜1¬`¡µŸŠ®›¦7£`š J ®°¬`˜`¦Ï¢t¨œ¨z¦® ¢\Ÿ±™›šz™°›Ÿ¬˜ ­ŸŠ®›¡<Ÿ.£`š £`šÙÂXŸŠ¦¡µ¦t®°ß¤™°¡µ¦ ¢t˜¤¢t¨zšz šz¥±¦Ô^.× *#Ø ë  v   *,j yyyŠÀÅ¥sãŸ.˜`¦˜}™›šœ¢5¢t˜¤¢t¨zšz›šœ¥ ¢S¡µŸŠ˜1›Ÿµ¨zšœ˜`Ÿ±¢t®›šz«±«±¢tø`šœ¨zŸt²  ˜`¦¨z›®›ŸŸ§ ¯I¦™°™›šzø`šœ¨zŸb¯`®›ŸŠ˜`£`ŸŠ®›Ÿåšœ¨XÓS¢t¨z¦®›Ÿ U v ë – ² ³¦t®›­¦˜¦<Á1¬`šz˜`£`š‚˜`¢S ¬`®›¢t¨œ¡<Ÿ±˜#›Ÿ¨œŸ™›ŸŠ­¬`ŸŠ˜1›š‡£`¦¡µ¢t˜`£`ŸSÕ ² V®›¢S› ¢t®›Ÿšz¨X¥ ¢S™›¦<îÒï t À¤¯I¦šz¥s㠟 šœ¨X¡µŸÉ ¦*£`¦ä£`š Z ¦*¥±¥±¦t«<Ÿ§ ¯`®°¦¯`®°šœ¦)£`ŸŠ¨’¥±¢t™›¦<î ë – Ä – Q –. ). . w. \5] NP T]IL^DfQ h G K GJD"Q

(56) P h G^ e Z QDlU.GJIXG,Z Y h P<c5D"TJP h P<TJTJIlL^D"Q h G K G\DfQ

(57) P Z U.IFEHI h IQ_kGJPa`fP<T j U.Pa` Z P h IFTJT\P X

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(60) eHD"Xe.GJP^E'I Y h GL<D"Qkg"P@e`fP<Q K I h P<TJTJP U.P<eHGJPdce T\Df` U ehg U e P c e r g Uhei jX5P<eSDf`"Q

(61) GCj@kEs l.

(62) ² W › ŸŠ˜`Ÿ±®°Ÿ U v ë – ¥Š¦˜\š¡<ŸŠ›¦£š‚£`šœ®°ŸŠ° šk×¼ÓŸ±£š R ¦t™›™›ŸŠ®°ÓS¢t«Ššœ¦˜`Ÿ t ²  ¯¤¢t­`² t(– ØÉÄ } ² Z~¦˜`™°šœ£`ŸŠ® ¢t®°Ÿåšz¨‚¥ ¢S™›¦<˜`¦˜\¢t˜¤¢t¨zšz šz¥±¦`² X͚œ­¬`¢t®›£`¦Ï¢t¨z¨Ã¢7£`¦¡µ¢t˜`£¤¢ t ØÉÀ ¬˜¤¢(™°›šœ¡µ¢(¢t¥Š¥±¬`®›¢Ss¢Ï£`Ÿ±¨z¨F©ñ¢t¥±¥Š¬`¡o¬`¨œ¢t«±šz¦˜`Ÿ.£`ŸŠš ¯`šz¥±¥±¦t¨œš £`šzÓ*šœ™°¦®›š˜Ÿ±¨‡¥ ¢t™°¦µî ë – À ¥±šã`¢µ¯mŸ±®›¡<Ÿ±™°™›¦  l £š¦t››Ÿ±˜`ŸŠ®›Ÿâšz¨XÓS¢t¨œ¦t®›Ÿ U v ë – ¥±¦t˜Bš¡<ŸŠ ¦*£`š £`šœ®°ŸŠ››šF² Z~¦˜™›šœ£Ÿ±®›šœ¢t¡<¦)Á*¬šœ˜`£`šXšœ¨‚¥±¢t™›¦<¡o¬`¨Ù šœ£šœ¡<Ÿ±˜`™°šœ¦˜¤¢S¨œŸÍî7ï t ² t ² }² \

(63) >hÈ ¸té±ýœÊÉü<êÆ*ÊÉýh¶sÊɹ¤ºQÈ ¸\¸Kýœ¸KüN¸K.È - ¸´»¼¹}Æt»¼üNÊɹÇÉ»F¸K¹XÊâü<ê ##t»F¸KÈ ÊäÆt» ½*¹X¸K² \Bà‡¢´¥±¨œ¢t™ c ™›šzß`¥ ¢t«Ššœ¦˜`Ÿ £`Ÿ±š­ŸŠ®›¡<šX¢S˜¤¢t¨œšÙ šz¥ ¢t¡<Ÿ±˜# Ÿe¨œšz˜`Ÿ ¢S®›šœ«Š« ¢tøšœ¨œš¤˜Ÿ±¨‚¥±¢t™›¦ä£`š‚£šœ¡<Ÿ±˜`™°šœ¦˜`Ÿ ¯`š ¬N§ ­t® ¢t˜`£Ÿ £`š‡¬`˜`¦BŸ§ ¡<¦¨z›¦)¯`š ¬ § ®›šz¥±¥±¢äŸ ¬› ¦t® ¢äšœ˜`¥Š¦¡µ¯¨œŸŠ ¢)¢t˜`¥sã`Ÿå˜`ŸŠ¨’¥±¢t™›¦N¢t˜¤¢t¨zšz›šœ¥±¦g² Xešz¥±¦®°£`šÃ¢t¡<¦ ø`®›ŸÉÓŸ±¡<Ÿ±˜#›Ÿo¢t¨z¥±¬`˜`šIѕ® ¢)š®›šz™›¬`¨Ùs¢S›šX¯`š ¬.§ šz¡µ¯m¦®žs¢t˜# šQ² ³šœ¢âÁ1¬`šœ˜£`Gš 7è » X.× (^Û %sõØh¢t™°™›¬`¡<šÃ¢t¡<¦o¥sã`Ÿšz¨I£šzÂIŸ±®›ŸŠ˜`«±šœ¢t¨œŸ·£`Gš ¢t¨œ¨Q©ñ¦t®›šœ­tšœ˜`Ÿ ™°šÃ¢âšz˜ ѕ¦®›¡µ¢)£`šÃ¢t­t¦˜¤¢t¨zŸ ÕM ’ç ë Æt»vê #‚J× e%yy9y % eSØÉÀ e  )è ( f ²ÅÎbšz®›Ÿ±¡<¦)¥sã`Ÿ  VçâŸä§ Èù»œÇ¸K¹mêt¹¤º Ê ™°Ÿ Ÿ±™›šz™°›¦˜`¦ " í %yyyf% " Û èÌ"Ÿ N è  – %yyyf%  î ås¢t¨zšX¥sã`ŸSÕ " j  j " ï t Ÿ e í

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(66) ë Qõ y í Û § Ñv¢t¥±šz¨œŸ ¥±¦t˜1Ó*šz˜`¥±ŸŠ®›™›šm¥sã`Ÿ·¨Ã¢¥±¦˜£`šœ«Ššœ¦˜`ŸÍ£`š¹X¸K¹ Èù»œÇ¸K¹mêtM¹ RêŸ·§ ¥Š¦˜`£`šz«±šœ¦t˜`ŸÍ˜`Ÿ±¥ŠŸ±™›™›¢t®›šœ¢ Ÿe™›¬Ñ c ( ߤ¥±šzŸ±˜# ŸÍ¯mŸ±®r®›šz™›¦¨ÙÓŸŠ®›Ÿ ­ŸŠ˜`Ÿ±®°šœ¥±¢t¡µŸŠ˜# ŸÍšœ¨*¯`®›¦tø`¨œŸŠ¡N¢bî.£`šz¡µŸŠ˜`™›šz¦˜¤¢t¨zŸhѕ¦®°¡N¢S¨œŸt² W ™›™°Ÿ±®žÓšœ¢t¡<¦ ¥sã`Ÿ ˜Ÿ±¨¥ ¢S™›¦<î ë – Á1¬`ŸŠ™° ¢µ¥±¦t˜`£`šœ«Ššœ¦˜Ÿ™›š®›šz¨œŸŠ­­Ÿb¥Š¦¡µŸ e˜`¦˜ÏŸå§ ®›¢t£`šz¥±Ÿ£`ŸŠ¨œ¨F©á¬`˜`šÙS¢§ ² Îbšz®›Ÿ±¡<¦

(67) ¥sã`

(68) Ÿ  Vç\¢t¯`¯¤¢S®° šzŸ±˜`Ÿ7¢S¨äÆ*¸Kü)»¼¹¤»F¸[Æt» >e¸K»¼¹X¶›êtÈ Ê< ™›ŸSÕ ™°¬`¯  e   – ¦t¯`¯`¬`®°Ÿ šœ˜Ñ   e    – ²  ¨b¥Š¦¡<¯`¨œŸŠ¡µŸŠ˜1 ¢t®›ŸB£`Ÿ±¨£`¦t¡µšz˜`šœ¦Ï£`š V¦tšœ˜`¥±¢tM® Ÿ[ Ÿ5§ ¥sã`šœ¢t¡N¢K ¦ Æ*¸Kü)»¼¹¤»F¸}Æt» B »FJÊ #*ÊÉý ²  ¨ ¯`®°šœ¡<¦7®›šœ™°¬`¨z ¢S ¦7¥sã`Ÿ Ó¦t­¨œšœ¢t¡µ¦5¡<Ÿ±˜«±šœ¦t˜¤¢t®›Ÿ7Ÿ § £`¦Ó*¬ ¦(

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(70)  × –  }#ØùÕ ¦­˜`š ­Ÿ±®°¡µŸr£`št£`šzÂIŸ±¦¡<¦®žß¤™›¡<¦ ¢t˜`¢t¨œšÙ šœ¥Š¦~£`štîoÓt¢S®›šÃ¢Sø`šœ¨zšK¥Š¦¡<¯`¨œŸŠ™›™›Ÿršz¨t¥Š¬`š£`šÙÂXŸŠ®›Ÿ±˜«±šÃ¢S¨œŸr¢t¨z¨F©á¦®›šz­šœ˜Ÿ ™›šÃ¢´˜¦˜5®›šz™›¦˜¤¢S˜1›ŸâŸä¢t¯¯¤¢t®°›Ÿ±˜`­¢´¢t¨¾£¦¡µšz˜`šœ¦<£`š V¦šz˜`¥ ¢tM® Ÿt ÀrŸâ§ ¢t˜¤¢t¨zšz šz¥ ¢t¡<Ÿ±˜#›Ÿ ¥Š¦˜`šœ¬­#¢S ¦ ¢t¨œ¨œ¢o™›¬¤¢ä¯¤¢t®ž Ÿ¨œšz˜`Ÿ ¢S®›Ÿt² Z~¦˜.¬˜™›¢t¨z›¦o£`šIÁ*¬`¢t™›š¬`˜.™°Ÿ±¥Š¦¨œ¦`À* ®›¢t¨Ã¢t™°¥±šœ¢t˜`£`¦o¡<¦¨Ù š ®›šz™›¬`¨Ùs¢S›šIšz˜1›Ÿ±®°¡µŸŠ£`šFÀ1Ó¦­t¨œšÃ¢S¡µ¦ ®›šœ¥Š¦®›£`¢t®›Ÿäšœ¨V®›šz™›¬`¨Ùs¢S›¦.£`š J ®›¬`˜¦

(71) × –(– ØùÕb¦­˜šr­Ÿ±®°¡µŸä£`šr£`šÙÂXŸŠ¦¡<¦®°ß¤™°¡µ¦´¢t˜¤¢t¨zšz šz¥±¦´£šrî Ót¢S®›šÃ¢Sø`šœ¨zšÅ¥Š¦¡<¯`¨œŸŠ™›™›ŸNšœ¨~¥Š¬`š £`šÙÂXŸŠ®›ŸŠ˜`«±šœ¢t¨œŸN¢t¨œ¨Q©ñ¦®°šœ­šz˜`Ÿ)™›šœ¢£`šÃ¢S­¦˜¤¢t¨zŸtÀV˜`¦˜[®›šz™›¦˜¤¢S˜1›ŸtÀr¥Š¦˜  ¬° š‡­¨œš‚¢t¬ ¦ÓS¢t¨z¦®›š‚£š’¡<¦*£`¬`¨œ¦ä¬`˜šzs¢S®›šœ¦À¡µ¢<˜`¦t˜B® ¢S£`šœ¥Šš£`Ÿ±¨z¨F©á¬`˜`šzK¢§ ÀŸå¥sã`ŸåÓŸ±®°šzߤ¥sãšV¬`˜`¢ ¥±Ÿ±®žs¢.¥±¦t˜`£`šœ«Ššœ¦˜Ÿ)¢t®›šÙ ¡<ŸŠ›šœ¥ ¢  – À a  ו£`ŸŠ°s¢(¶s¸K¹mÆtS» R±»F¸K¹XÊ)Æt» OÍÈù½*¹X¸ ü)½ý ºv»vÆt»¼üNÊɹÇÉ»F¸K¹mêtýœÊ›Ø埧 ¢t˜¤¢t¨zšz šz¥ ¢t¡<Ÿ±˜#›Ÿ ¥±¦t˜`šœ¬`­¢S ¦<¢t¨z¨Ã¢â™°¬¤¢<¯`¢t®°›Ÿå¨zšœ˜`Ÿ±¢t®›ŸS²  ˜¨zšœ˜`Ÿ±¢(¥±¦˜ š·®›šœ™°¬`¨z ¢S še¥±¨œ¢t™›™°šœ¥Šš Á1¬*§YbŸŠ™›¯m¦™°›š¢tø`ø`šœ¢t¡µ¦Ï¬ šz¨œšz«±« ¢K ¦(š üNÊɺx¸±Æt»âÆt»¼È ÊɺQºv» £`Ÿ±¨z¨œŸǍÊÉÈù»FÊü<ê ##t»F¸Kțêt¹¤ºv»¼ÀÅÁ*¬Ÿ±™°›š ¡<ŸŠ›¦£`š ã`¢t˜`˜`¦Ï¨Ã¢5¥ ¢t®›¢S››Ÿ±®°šœ™°›šœ¥±¢Ò£`šÍ¯m¦t ŸŠ®) ® ¢K›s¢S®›Ÿ šœ¨ ¯`®›¦ø¨œŸ±¡µ¢7šœ˜3Á*¬Ÿ±™°›šœ¦˜Ÿ\šz˜`£`šœ¯mŸ±˜£`Ÿ±˜# ŸŠ¡µŸŠ˜# ŸB£`¢t¨œ¨œ¢£`šœ¡<Ÿ±˜`™°šœ¦˜ŸtÀ ¢Sø`ø`šÃ¢S¡µ¦7¥±¦t™x§YͯI¦S ¬›¦ ¦t››Ÿ±˜`ŸŠ®›Ÿ  a  ¥±¦˜`£šœ«±šz¦˜`šhÇɽ ¶É»FÊɹ¤ºQ»’¯mŸ±®®›šz™›¦¨ÙÓŸ±®°Ÿ)šœ¨^¯®›¦ø`¨zŸ±¡µ¢´£`Ÿ±¨r¥ŠŸ±˜# ®°¦B¦¨z¦¡<¦®°Ñ•¦µ¯IŸŠ® îÒï – ² X͚œ™°¯I¦t˜`£`Ÿ±˜£`¦ä¥±¦™ §Y¯¤¢t®›«ŠšÃ¢t¨z¡µŸŠ˜# Ÿ¢t¨z¨Ã¢â£`¦t¡N¢t˜£¤¢ – Øɲ V¢t™›™°šÃ¢t¡<¦ Á1¬`šz˜`£`š*¢ ¥±¦t˜`™›šz£`Ÿ±®›¢t®›Ÿh¨Ã¢Í£`¦¡µ¢t˜`£¤ ¢ }#ØÉÀS¥±šœ¦`Ÿh§ ¨z¦·™ž ¬`£`šz¦ £`ŸŠš¥±¢t™›š*˜`¦˜o¢t˜¤¢t¨zšz šz¥±šQ² t.  G\KIFQ h GJI"K[D>G\T T\P<E,EHD"eHPdG\Q EHP<eHP@UHU.IFE.DIFTJT_W SXXRP@Q h G]L^P r h G   XRP@e Z QRI h G]U.L Z U.U.GJD"Q

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L’accès aux archives de la revue « Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Università di Padova » ( http://rendiconti.math.unipd.it/ ) implique l’accord avec les

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L’accès aux archives de la revue « Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Università di Padova » ( http://rendiconti.math.unipd.it/ ) implique l’accord avec les

L’accès aux archives de la revue « Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Università di Padova » ( http://rendiconti.math.unipd.it/ ) implique l’accord avec les

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L’accès aux archives de la revue « Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Università di Padova » ( http://rendiconti.math.unipd.it/ ) implique l’accord avec les

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successione convergente uniformemente, in tale campo, verso un limite finito (che risulta allora una funzione olomorfa), oppure3. verso l’infinito

dei primi tre ordini, limitate, i secondi membri delle equazioni parametriche del contorno stesso, e derivate dei primi due or- dini, anche limitate, la funzione