Our Lady of Lourdes Saint Anne A C R C C Our Mission: People of God, united in Christ, serving others, welcoming all to the Table of Life

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Our Mission: People of God, united in Christ, serving others, welcoming all to the Table of Life

Our Lady of Lourdes † Saint Anne

Dear Friends,

We have begun the Holy Season of Lent when we are invited to take a spiritual retreat “in place,” as it were. Even those of us who are very busy with work, studies and the responsibilities of life, can try to be mindful of God’s presence throughout the day. When I was a child, we were taught to give up something we like for Lent. Depriving ourselves of some favorite food or TV program was suggested as a good thing to do for Lent. Now I find it helpful to think of what I can positively do in place of what I give up. So, if I abstain from a favorite program or activity during Lent, what do I do with that time? Perhaps I can use that time to pray or read the Bible.

The three pillars of Lent are prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Fasting reminds of us our own emptiness and our hunger to be filled by God. Prayer is our conversation with God in which we focus on God’s presence and activity in our lives. Almsgiving is our expression of God’s

compassion for the needs and suffering of others.

Let’s accompany and encourage each other as we journey together toward the new life of Easter.

Happy Lent, Fr. Gary Tyman

Sunday, March 6th

Lent is a good time for sacrificing. Let us deny ourselves

something every day to help others. Pope Francis



Every Friday from March 4th until April 8th.

Stations at Lunchtime:

A group of faithful people gather at noon at Our Lady of Lourdes to pray the Stations.

This is a “grassroots” gathering with participants leading themselves through the prayer.

“Formal” Stations at 7:00 PM:

Our “formal” Stations of the Cross are held at 7:00 PM with presider, readers, and candle bearers. Here are the dates and locations:

March 4th at Saint Anne

March 11th at Our Lady of Lourdes March 18th at Saint Anne

March 25th at Saint Anne

April 1st at Our Lady of Lourdes April 8th at Saint Anne

Important Dates and Events:

April 1, 7 PM, Organ Concert at Saint Anne

April 9, 2 PM , Lenten Penance Service at Saint Anne April 10, Palm Sunday Masses as usual.

April 11, 7 PM, Lenten Penance Service at Our Lady of Lourdes

April 14, 7 PM, Holy Thursday Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes

April 15, 3 PM, Good Friday Service at Saint Anne April 16, 8 PM, Easter Vigil at Saint Anne

April 17, Resurrection Sunday Masses as usual.

Lenten Fasting & Abstinence

We’re encouraged to fast on Good Friday. People between 18 and 59 years old are permitted to eat one full meal, as well as two smaller meals that together are not equal to a full meal.

People over the age of 14 abstain from meat (Any mammal or bird) on Fridays during Lent.

Those physically or mentally ill, pregnant or nursing, are excused.


The Knights of Columbus Council 11411 is

sponsoring this Easter Bread Sale to benefit the Coats for Kids program. The bread is made locally by the Genesee Bakery.

$8.50 per order

Please submit your order form and donation:

Name: ________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________

Order Quantity: _________Additional Coat Donation: $__________

Total amount_____________________

Church to pick up: SAINT ANNE or OUR LADY OF LOURDES

(Circle One)


Following Jesus in the way of nonviolence

We live in a violent world. We each long for peace, but how do we find it? How can we bring violence to an end?

This year’s Lenten retreat, we invite people to join us in an immersive exploration of becoming “Disciples of the Prince of Peace” with five workshops each Wednesday of Lent at 7:00 PM through Zoom.

March 9th²²Sitting before Christ, the Prince of Peace

March 16th²±Bringing Peace to our Inner World

March 23rd²±Bringing Peace to the Physical Body

March 30th²±Bring Peace to our Personal Relationships April 6th²±²Bringing Peace to our Community and the World

Participants will need a journal, a Bible, email, and computer access to join us.

Participation each night will be important because each workshop builds upon the next. Please RSVP to Dcn. Bill Rabjohn at bill.rabjohn@dor.org or by calling

5854739656 before Friday, March 4th.

Paschal Candles

Once again we are inviting

parishioners to sponsor our new Paschal Candles!

If you are interested in donating either the St.

Anne or Our Lady of Lourdes Paschal Candle for the coming

year in memory or in honor of someone, please get in touch with Dcn Bill

at 4739656 or Bill.Rabjohn@dor.org

Thank you!


St. Anne Church

Plate Attendance Plate Budget Variance

1/2 185 $1,326

1/9 211 $3,443

1/16 166 $2,954

1/23 194 $3,048

1/30 192 $4,488

EFT $4,975


for Month 948 $20,234 $23,690 ($3,456)

Total for

Fiscal YTD $156,376 $146,878 $9,498**

Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Plate Attendance Plate Budget Variance

1/2 170 $3,081

1/9 190 $3,383

1/16 141 $2,708

1/23 182 $6,506

1/30 255 $9,156

EFT $9,140


for Month 938 $33,974 $29,883 $4,091

Total for

Fiscal YTD $203,432 $188,705 $14,727

Supporting our Facilities: Capital Campaign Received in January 2022

Lourdes $6,950 St. Anne $3,691

Notes about the Monthly offertory report:

A favorable monthly variance indicates the “weeklies”

donated during the month exceed the amount expected for the month. Meanwhile, an unfavorable monthly variance indicates the total “weeklies” donated during the month do not meet budgeted expectations and our financial

obligations may not be met.

**Although St Anne Church has a favorable variance compared to the budget for the fiscal year to date, caution must be exercised. The St Anne budget excludes many expenses normally included in an operating budget (lawn care, a dedicated custodian salary and benefits, ect) which are now provided by volunteers and/or benefactor donation. The St Anne community is grateful for our volunteers and special donations, but realize this may not continue into the future.


Pope Francis has invited the entire Church throughout the world to reflect on two questions: As a listening Church, announcing the Gospel, and “journeying together”, how is this “journeying together” happening today in our

particular Church? What steps does the Holy Spirit invite us to take in order to grow in our “journeying together”?

Over the next two months, we are inviting everyone to prayerfully contemplate these questions. We will keep you posted for general listening sessions in which we will invite you to share your thoughts and answers. It’s an opportunity for us to practice listening to one

another. The Pastoral Center has resources on the synod;

please consider checking out their page and our Bishop’s invitation at DOR.org.

Join us at one of our General Listening Sessions:

Tuesday March 8th from 1 to 3PM in the St. Anne Social Hall

Thursday March 10th from 7 to 9PM in Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Please contact Fr. Tyman or Dcn. Bill for more details or

if you want to share directly.


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Lithuanian Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes:

Sundays at 12:30 TBD

Our Lady of Lourdes Church Founded in 1928

150 Varinna Drive Rochester, NY 14618 Cluster Office…………...5854739656 Fax ……… 2716472 Email ……… bourlady@dor.org

Office Hours:

Mon.Thurs: 9am4pm Friday: CLOSED

Saturday Mass: 5:00 pm

Sunday Masses: 8:30 and 10:30 am Weekday Mass: 8:30 am, MF

Saint Anne Church Founded in 1930

1600 Mt. Hope Avenue Rochester, NY 14620 Parish Office…………..5852713260

Fax ……… 2717160 Email ………....rstanne@dor.org

Office Hours:

Monday: 9am4pm TWTh: 9am1pm Friday: CLOSED Saturday Mass: 4:00 pm

Sunday Masses: 9:00 and 11:00 am Weekday Mass: 8:00 am, MF


Sacrament of Baptism: Please contact Dcn. John McDermott or call the cluster office to register.

Dates for 2022 are June 11th, September 17th, and December 10th.

Even before the baby arrives, parents are asked to come to 1 group session, then a followup individual meeting to discuss particulars, answer questions and set a date. We encourage baptism of children during Mass, since this is a Sacrament of Initiation into the Community. For more details, please contact Dnc John at john.mcdermott@dor.org.


Arrangements should begin at least 6 months in advance.

Please email Dcn Bill at Bill.Rabjohn@dor.org. Dates secured at first night with minister.

Christian Initiation (RCIA):

A process of discernment for adults wishing to learn more about the Catholic Faith. Contact Mary Ann Obark for further information on being baptized, confirmed, celebrating Eucharist and/or getting an update as a Catholic.

Sacrament of Reconciliation:

Saturdays 33:30 pm at Saint Anne 4:004:30 pm at Our Lady of Lourdes or by appointment with any priest.


By appointment with any priest.

Eucharistic Adoration: Currently suspended

Annulments: Please contact Dcn Bill at Bill.Rabjohn@dor.org

Cluster WebSite: http://www.ourladyoflourdessaintanne.org School WebͲSite: hp://seton.dorschools.org

Cluster Facebook Page: Like us at “Our Lady of Lourdes/St. Anne Cluster Community” Twitter:@OLOLStAnne In each church, upon request, low gluten hosts (0.01%) are available. Also available in both churches are:


Offices located at Our Lady of Lourdes Church & Seton School Pastor: Rev. Gary Tyman Fr.Gary.Tyman@dor.org Asst. Priests: Rev. Jim Lawlor Fr.Jim.Lawlor@dor.org Parish Deacon: John McDermott John.McDermott@dor.org Pastoral Asst.: Dcn. Bill Rabjohn Bill.Rabjohn@dor.org Adm. Asst.: Konnie Collins konnie.collins@dor.org Faith Formation: Jennifer Abdalla Jennifer.abdalla@dor.org Visitation Min.:Steve Witkowicz Steven.Witkowicz@dor.org RCIA Mary Ann Obark Maryann.obark@dor.org


Principal: Patty Selig Patty.Selig@dor.org Admin Asst: Andriana Scott Andriana.Scott@dor.org Nurse: Anne Weber Anne.Weber@dor.org


Offices are located at 2617 East Ave., Rochester, 14610 5854502999

Reg. Fin. Dir.: Mary Kase Mary.Kase@dor.org Cluster Finance:Racheal Stepien Racheal.Stepien@dor.org Cluster Finance: Sharon Chaplain Sharon.Chaplain@dor.org


Maintenance: Santos Rodriguez r.santos@rochester.rr.com St. George Lithuanian Community: Jan Naujokas 3195689


Facilities Usage

Coordinator: Carol DeFilippo (585)7509226

defilippo.carol@gmail.com Music Director: Anna Lenti Anna.Lenti@dor.org


Music Director: Kristin McGinnis Kristin.McGinnis@dor.org St. Andrew Kim Korean Community: Youngwan (Joseph) Song


Filipino Community (BLD): Annabelle Sutter

(585) 2694486 or

Bld.rochester.elmira@gmail.com annabelle.h.sutter@gmail.com

Seton Catholic School

165 Rhinecliff Drive Rochester, NY 14618

School Office…………..(585) 4736604 Fax ……….(585) 4733347 Email ………...setondcs@dor.org





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