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Dialogues entre théâtre et neurosciences


Academic year: 2022

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Third International Conference

Dialogues between Theatre and Neuroscience

Rome, 16-17-18 March 2011

An appointment with Ph.D. research

promoted by Prof. Clelia Falletti organised by Gabriele Sofia and Victor Jacono

18 March 2011


In the event of the Third International Conference of “Dialogues between Theatre and Neuroscience” organised by the Department of History of Art and Performance at Sapienza Università di Roma in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities, the Degree in Performing Arts and Performance Sciences, the Ph.D. course in Digital technologies and methodologies for the research work about performance at Sapienza Università di Roma, the third day of the conference (18 March 2011) will be dedicated to the presentation and discussion of Ph.D. research.

This appointment with doctoral studies will be inserted in the Conference programme of discussions, with presentations focusing on four key points:

1. Action, between performing arts, cognitive neuroscience and phenomenology.

2. Complexity, the performative event as a complex system.

3. Bios, the study of the biological level in the artist’s creative act and in the fruition of the work of art.

4. Aesthetics, Can the study of the biological elements of artistic expression be considered reductionistic?

Ph.D. and post-doc students carrying out research in fields including the arts (performance, music, visual arts, etc.), cognitive neuroscience, physiology, philosophy, neuro-aesthetics, sports sciences and psychology, and who are interested in participating, are therefore invited to send their presentation proposals.

Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”

CF 80209930587 PI 02133771002

Dipartimento di Storia dell’arte e Spettacolo. Arti visive, teatro, cinema, danza, spettacolo digitale e musicale, patrimoni culturali

P.le Aldo Moro n. 5, 00185 Roma T (+39) 06 49913409


Pag 2

The proposals must include:

- A title - 5 keywords

- An abstract of the presentation including an exposition of the subject matter and the methodology of research (max 500 words)

- A short bibliography

- A brief biographical note indicating the proponent’s research institution, the personal course of studies and any publications.

The proposals must not exceed 1000 words.


- All proposals are to be sent via email by not later than the 30 November 2010 to:


- The selected proponents will be contacted via email by the 18 Dicember 2010.


- Proposals may be sent in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

- Presentations on the day will be delivered in Italian or in English.

- Presentations in other languages will be allowed on the condition that a written translation of the presentation in Italian or in English be sent in advance.

Scientific committee:

- The academics on the scientific committee in charge of selecting the proposals are:

- Prof. Clelia Falletti – Theatre historian, Sapienza Università di Roma - Prof. Luciano Mariti – Theatre historian, Sapienza Università di Roma

- Prof. Giovanni Mirabella – Neuroscientist, IRCCS Neuromed, Sapienza Università di Roma, Università dell’Aquila

Practical information:

- The event will be held in the premises of Sapienza Università di Roma

- Costs related to flights, transport, accommodation and subsistence are at the expense of the proponents or their respective research institutions.

Web site and info:

www.dass.uniroma1.it gabrielesofia@hotmail.it vjacono@hotmail.it


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