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Before I introduce the officials, I just want to point out that to my immediate right is the Associate Minister of Health, Mr


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Saskatchewan 22e 4e Discours

sur la santé 6 avril

1994 Louise Simard

Minister of Health

Saskatchewan New Democratic


Thank you very much. Before I introduce the officials, I just want to point out that to my immediate right is the Associate Minister of Health, Mr. Chair. The officials are, to my immediate left, Mr. Duane Adams, the deputy minister; and to his left is Kathy Langlois, the associate executive director, management support services implementation team. And immediately behind Mr. Adams is Ms. Danni Boyd, the executive director of district support; and to her right is Ms. Glenda Yeates, the associate deputy minister. Behind the Associate Minister of Health is Ms. Lorraine Hill, the senior associate deputy minister.

And that's it. Thank you.


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With the proper accepted connection with a patient, there is then a much easier sense of comfort possible when meeting challenges that seem insurmountable by conventional,

There are several priority initiatives under each of these four goals, and I will highlight only nine of them at this time as follows: to lead the health capital planning process;

Of Health’s total — 4.68 billion in the 2012-13 expense budget — our biggest investment is in the people who work in the health care system.. Seventy-one per cent or 3.33 billion of

In 2011 and ‘12, the health region authorities, the regional health authorities will receive $2.8 billion from the Ministry of Health, an increase of $250 million or 9.7 per

The Ministry of Health already has a number of initiatives under way that complement or directly support the Patient First Review including

Behind Rod is Max Hendricks, who’s the executive director the finance and administration branch; directly to his right is Lawrence Krahn, assistant deputy minister; and then

I’m pleased to have with me today Glenda Yeates, who’s the deputy minister, to my left. And then to her left is Kelly Kummerfield, the executive director of health human

And I also have with me today Kimberly Wihnan, who is the assistant to the deputy minister; Eric Young, the deputy chief medical health officer; and Tim Macaulay, who is

To my far right is Marlene Smadu, the assistant deputy minister; directly behind me is Carol Klassen, the acting assistant deputy minister, and to the right of Ms. Klassen is

And also with us this evening, in the back, are Maureen Yeske, who is the executive director of policy and planning; Jim Simmons, the executive director of community care;

Beside him is Kathy Langlois who is the executive director, finance and management services, and right behind me is Glenda Yeates who’s the associate deputy minister

Duane Adams, the deputy minister of Health; and to his left, Kathy Langlois, the executive director, finance and administration; and immediately behind me, Mr. Dan Perrins,

To reach that goal we will continue to provide and fund health services that contribute to our health, but we must also promote and support those activities that maintain wellness

So I think as we go on in the next few hours discussing the Health budget, the estimates of the Department of Health, I’m sure that the people of Saskatchewan will see that

There is $2,707,600 for the health services branch of DNS (Department of Northern Saskatchewan), and $3,397,540 in the budget of the Department of Government Services for ordinary

Seated in the back behind the rail is George Loewen, executive director of SHSP (Saskatchewan Hospital Service Plan) and Gerry Patchett, executive director of MCIC (Medical

The staff who are with us here are Deputy Minister, Mel Derrick, who is on my right;. Associate Deputy Minister, Ken Fyke, who is immediately behind

I have worked closely with staff up to this point, as a newly appointed minister, to see the tremendous opportunities that we have. With that said, I think what we want to do is

To my immediate left is Rick Davis, who is superintendent of achievement with the ministry and an assistant deputy minister. Keith Miller, who is ADM responsible

Michael is the executive director, legislative and school administration; Larry Allan, the executive director of school finance; seated at the back is John McLaughlin,

The demand for information (in reality quite slight) is not a demand for information from government, as only 27 percent of Canadians (the Calgary study) described

50.. uncomfortable about much of this but presume that someone's in charge and that somewhere the apprapriate decisions are being made. It will be difficult to shake this

Their main function is to advise the Minister and make recommendations to him on the pivotal issues in forest management and sustainable forest development, such as revision of