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Homework five correction /CO Scene one

The characters are Andrew , Maria , and their(leur) mother . The scene takes place at home , in a bedroom

The children are doing chores (tâches ménagères ) The mother has given a lot of chores

Mum has done the shopping to the grocery store (épicier)and she has come back home She has bought bread and oil

Dad has fixed the faucet

Dad hasn’t moved the lawn (tondre la pelouse ) Andrew has taken the dog out for a walk . Maria has finished cleaning her room . She has folded her clothes

Maria has made her bed and vaccumed(passer l’aspirateur) the floor But she hasn’t taken the trash out

She has already dusted the shelves

Scene two

The characters are the parents and their children They are in the living room

The bell is ringing

Their cousins have come with their parents Mum has brought some delicious cookies

The cousins have gone sailing on a yatch and have visited a museum Andrew and Maria have never been on a yatch

The cousin has learned to swim (to be able to = pouvoir)

Maria has participated in a singing competiion and she has won . Have you ever been to Egypt ? My parents have ridden a camel

Have you ever been to Canada ? yes they have already been to Canada Have you ever been to Mexico ? yes , They have already been to Mexico.

They have been to france and they have seen the Eiffel tower




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