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Best of the best


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Canadian Family PhysicianLe Médecin de famille canadien Vol 53:  february • féVrier 2007


Best of the best

Canada’s 2006 Family Physicians of the Year

Ten  family  physicians  from  across  Canada  were  hon- oured  as  Canada’s  2006  Family  Physicians  of  the  Year  at the CFPC’s annual Family Medicine Forum in Quebec  city, Que, during Family Doctor Week in November.

Each  of  Canada’s  Family  Physicians  of  the  Year  for  2006  will  be  honoured  with  a  Reg  L.  Perkin  Award. 

The  awards  are  named  after  Dr  Reg  L.  Perkin,  CFPC  Executive  Director  from  1985  to  1996.  They  are  pre- sented  to  outstanding  family  doctors  in  each  province  for their embodiment of all that a family doctor is meant  to  be—a  caring,  compassionate,  and  skilled  personal  physician, committed to the health and well-being of his  or her patients and community.

“It  is  a  great  privilege  for  me  to  have  my  name  attached  to  these  awards,”  says  Dr  Perkin.  “The  recipi- ents  of  the  award  always  reflect  the  very  best  in  the  practice  of  family  medicine  and  service  to  the  commu- nity.  I  am  continually  amazed  at  the  diversity  that  is  revealed each year as their life stories are documented.… 

The  new  format,  with  a  winner  in  each  province,  gives  the award a much higher profile coast to coast and cre- ates a good-news family medicine story in each part of  our vast country.”

“The  College  is  proud  to  recognize  this  impressive  group  of  award  winners  as  role  models  not  only  for  their  colleagues  today,  but  also  for  the  next  genera- tion  of  family  doctors  in  Canada,”  said  former  CFPC  President  Dr  Louise  Nasmith.  “Their  commitment  to  excellence is a testament to the strength of family med- icine in Canada.”

Canada’s 2006 Family Physicians of the Year are, from  left to right: (Back row) Dr Ross Kerkhoff, Saskatchewan; 

Dr  Kenneth  Kliewer,  Manitoba;  Dr  Alfred  Morais,  Prince  Edward  Island;  Dr  Carlo  Jean-Louis,  Quebec; 

Dr  Robert  Boulay,  New  Brunswick.  (Front row) Dr  George  Burrows,  Ontario;  Dr  Josephine  Wilson,  Alberta; 

Dr  Darlene  Hammell,  British  Columbia;  Dr  Carmel  Casey,  Newfoundland  and  Labrador;  Dr  Wayne  Phillips,  Nova  Scotia.

—Barbara Kermode-Scott



Photo credit: Denis Lemelin


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