ExercicesComplétez ces phrases ą l'aide de how, so, such, so much, so many ou such a. L'exclamation !!!

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L'exclamation !!!

How + adjectif ą How nice she is !

So + adjectif ą She is so nice.

Such a + (adj.) + nom singulier dénombrable. ą She is such a beautiful girl.

Such Ų + (adj.) + nom pluriel dénombrable. ą Such lovely flowers.

Such Ų + (adj.) + nom indénombrable. ą Such beauty !

What a + (adj.) + nom singulier dénombrable. ą What a nice girl (she is) ! What Ų + (adj.) + nom pluriel dénombrable. ą What lovely flowers.

What Ų + (adj.) + nom indénombrable. ą What beauty ! Pas d'inversion “sujet + verbe” dans les phrases exclamatives :

- How gorgeous this sight is !

So much + nom indénombrable. ą She has so much luck.

So many + nom dénombrable au pluriel. ą She has so many friends.


Complétez ces phrases ą l'aide de how, so, such, so much, so many ou such a.


1. She is _____________________________ nice person.

2. There is _____________________________ noise that I can't hear you.

3. I always enjoy seeing _____________________________ good films.

4. It is a challenge to teach _____________________________ gifted children.

5. _____________________________ clever he is !

6. This beggar looks _____________________________ miserable ! 7. There are _____________________________ records I like.

8. I was _____________________________ tired that I couldn't walk any more.



1. such a 2. so much 3. such 4. such 5. How 6. so 7. so many 8. so


Mettre en ordre.


so | are | children | These | cute! | have | good | we | Didn't | a | time! | boring! | lessons | Math | are | so | such | cars! | Jaguars | expensive | are | a | it | beautiful | Isn't | day! |

What | exciting | film! | an |

marvellous | actresses! | They | such | are | How | great | to | is | it | see | whales! | Doesn't | that | funny! | look |

Brad | was | Pitt | see | for | How | to | great | it | real! |


These children are so cute! Didn't we have a good time! Math lessons are so boring! Jaguars are such expensive cars! Isn't it a beautiful day! What an exciting film! They are such marvellous actresses!

How great it is to see whales! Doesn't that look funny! How great it was to see Brad Pitt for real!



Rappel :

On emploie : WHAT ou SUCH sur un nom indénombrable ou sur un nom dénombrable pluriel : Exemples : What good food ! Quelle bonne nourriture !

What nice girls ! Quelles gentilles filles !

He shouldn't sell such wine ! Il ne devrait pas vendre un vin pareil ! I don't believe in such stories ! Je ne crois pas en de telles histoires !

On emploie : WHAT A ou SUCH A sur un nom dénombrable singulier : Exemples : What a good idea! Quelle bonne idée !

It was such a big spider that Mum ran away ! C'était une si grosse araignée que Maman s'est enfuie à toutes jambes !

On emploie HOW ou SO sur un adjectif ou un adverbe : Exemples : How happy they are ! Comme ils sont heureux !

She is so lazy that nobody likes her = Elle est si paresseuse que personne ne l'aime.


1) He's __________________ a demanding boss ! what

how such such

2) __________________ a lovely surprise !


such how so what

3) Look __________________ wonderful nature is ! how

such what so

4) Roller-skaters are __________________ a nuisance in town ! such

so what how

5) It was __________________ fascinating to work with a man like him ! what

such so how

6) __________________ an obnoxious couple ! how

what so such

7) __________________ exciting that must have been ! what

such so how

8) I'm __________________ glad you came over to see me ! what

how so such

9) __________________ a beautiful day ! such

so what how

10) People don't really like him : he can be __________________ nasty ! such

so how what

11) It was __________________ huge event in his life . what a

such a


so how such an

12) Everyone appreciates __________________ extraordinary man he was.

what an how what a such a so

13) __________________ lovely child ! what an

how what a such a

14) __________________ relaxing this music is ! such

what so how

15) Her responsibilities were __________________ great that she couldn't cope in the end.

how such what so

16) Didn't they realise __________________ liar he was ! what an

what a such how

17) She has always had __________________ positive attitude towards life ! such

such an such a so how what a

18) __________________ ignorant person she is ! what an

so how such an



1. such 2. what 3. how 4. such 5. so 6. what 7. how 8. so 9. what 10. so 11. such a 12. what an 13. what a 14. how 15. so 16. what a 17. such a 18. what an

So and Such

A/ • I didn't enjoy the book. The story was so stupid.

We use so + adjective/adverb: so stupid / so quick/ so nice/ so quickly

• I didn't enjoy the book. It was such a stupid story.

We use such + noun:

Such a story / such people We use such + adjective + noun:

such a stupid story / such nice people Note that we say such a... (not 'a such...') B/

So and such make the meaning of an adjective (or adverb) stronger:

• It’s a lovely day, isn't it? It's so warm. (= really warm)

• He’s difficult to understand because he speaks so quickly.

Compare so and such in these sentences:

• I like Tom and Ann. They are so nice.

You can use so...that...:

• The book was so good that I couldn't put it down.

• I was so tired that I fell asleep in the armchair.

You can leave out that in sentences like this:


• I was so tired (that) I fell asleep.

• We enjoyed our holiday. We had such a good time. (= a really good time)

• I like Tom and Ann. They are such nice people, (not 'so nice people') You can use such...that...:

• It was such a good book that I couldn't put it down.

• It was such lovely weather that we spent the whole day on the beach.


We also use so and such with the meaning 'like this':

• I was surprised to find out that the house was built 100 years ago. I didn't realise it was so old. (As old as it is)

• I expected the weather to be much cooler. I didn't expect it to be so warm.

• I'm tired because I got up at 6 o'clock. I don't usually get up so early.

• I didn’t t realise it was such an old house

. • The house was so untidy. I've never seen such a mess. (= a mess like this) Note the expression no such...:

• You won't find the word 'blid' in an English dictionary because there is no such word. (= this word does not exist)


We say: so long but such a long time :

• I haven't seen her for so long I've forgotten what she looks like.

so far but such a long way:

• I didn't know it was so far.

so much, so many but such a lot (of):

• Why did you buy so much food?

• I haven't seen her for such a long time. (Not 'a so long time')

• I didn't know it was such a long way.

• Why did you buy such a lot of food?

Put in so , such or such a:


1) He's difficult to understand because he speaks __________________ quickly.

such so such a

2) I like Tom and Ann. They're __________________ nice people.

so such such a

3) It was a great holiday. We had __________________ good time.

such a such so

4) I was surprised that he looked __________________ well after his recent illness.


such such a so

5) Everything is __________________ expensive these days, isn't it?

such so such a

6) The weather is lovely, isn't it? I didn't expect it to be __________________ nice day.

such a so such

7) I have to go. I didn't realise it was __________________ late.

such a such so

8) He always looks good. He wears __________________ nice clothes.

so such such a

9) It was __________________ boring film that I fell asleep while I was watching it.

such such a so

10) I couldn't believe the news. It was __________________ shock.

so such a such

11) I think she works too hard. She looks __________________ tired all the time.

so such such a

12) It was __________________ beautiful day we decided to go to the beach.

such a such so

13) They've got __________________ much money, they don't know what to do with it.

such a so such

14) I didn't realise you lived __________________ long way from the city centre.

such such a so

15) I can't decide what to do. It's __________________ problem.



such such a


1. so 2. such 3. such a 4. so 5. so 6. such a 7. so 8. such 9. such a 10. such a 11. so 12. such a 13. so 14. such a 15. such a

What et how

What et what a/an correspondant à 'quel...' précèdent respectivement des substantifs

indénombrables au singulier et au pluriel et des substantifs dénombrables au singulier, même s'ils sont précédés d'un adjectif.


What a day it was!

What a lovely girl!

What bad weather!

What fools we were!

Font exception à cette règle quelques phrases telle que:

What a pity!

What a shame! (Quel dommage!)


What a fuss! (Quelle agitation!) What a nonsense! (Quelle bêtise!).

How a le même sens que What, mais précède adjectifs et adverbes ou accompagne le



How cold it is today!

How happily they lived!

How you've grown!

What a lovely film I saw yesterday.' I'd like to see it again!

Ici, l'utilisation de what est correcte car il précède un substantif dénombrable au singulier (film). L'adjectif lovely est attribut du substantif et doit être considéré comme formant un tout avec lui.


1. _____________________________ charming girl she is!

2. _____________________________ well he sings!

3. _____________________________ traffic there is in this street!

4. _____________________________ beautifully she plays the guitar!

5. _____________________________ interesting book you have!

6. _____________________________ energy that man has!

7. _____________________________ lucky she is to live in the United States!

8. _____________________________ they enjoyed that holiday!

9. _____________________________ interesting country Italy is!

10. _____________________________ pity! She didn't meet you at the concert!

11. _____________________________ about the end of next week?

12. _____________________________ horrible thing to do!


13. _____________________________ kind of you to help!

14. _____________________________ awful weather!


1. What a 2. How 3. What 4. How 5. What an 6. What 7. How 8. How 9. What 10. What a 11. How 12. What a 13. How 14. What




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