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WHA9.60 Progress and Evaluation of Production of Typhoid, Smallpox and Triple Diphtheria-Pertussis- Tetanus Vaccines


Academic year: 2022

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WHA9.60 Progress and Evaluation of Production of Typhoid, Smallpox and Triple Diphtheria-Pertussis- Tetanus Vaccines

The Ninth World Health Assembly,

Having noted the report of the Director-General on communicable-diseases control and in particular the studies made in the evaluation of typhoid, smallpox and diphtheria-pertussis vaccines and their further development,

REQUESTS the Director-General to submit to the Tenth World Health Assembly

(1) a report on progress in the evaluation and production of typhoid, smallpox and triple diphtheria- pertussis-tetanus vaccines ; and

(2) a programme for further development in this field in 1958 and subsequent years.

Handb. Res., 3rd ed., 1.7.4 Thirteenth plenary meeting, 25 May 1956 (section 2 of the sixth report of the Committee on Programme and Budget)


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