PAI 2018: Passing the baton

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PAI 2018: Passing the baton

WAHN, Ulrich, EIGENMANN, Philippe

WAHN, Ulrich, EIGENMANN, Philippe. PAI 2018: Passing the baton. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology , 2018, vol. 29, no. 1, p. 6-7

DOI : 10.1111/pai.12848 PMID : 29377348

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6  | © 2017 EAACI and John Wiley and Sons A/S. Pediatr Allergy Immunol. 2018;29:6–7.

Published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

DOI: 10.1111/pai.12848


PAI 2018: Passing the baton

Dear colleagues and friends all over the world,

For very good reasons, the appointment of the Editor- in- Chief for our journal “Pediatric Allergy and Immunology” is limited for a max- imum term of 8 years. Sometimes time passes faster than we think, and I have to realize that the term for our editorial team in Berlin runs out. It has definitely been a most rewarding, stimulating, and fruitful time and also a great honor for me to serve for our journal after our former editors Bengt Björksten (Sweden) and John Warner (UK), who initiated this platform and provided their expertise and enthusiasm in order to establish it as the leading journal for Pediatric Allergology and Immunology in the world.

During the past 8 years, we had the privilege to build on this solid fundament of excellence, define novel areas of interest, and discover underappreciated spots, which needed to be addressed. We also had to help transferring the journal to the digital world, where a number of fundamental changes—most of them not perceived by our readership —took place. My collegues Paolo Matricardi and Doris Kollmann deserve the credit for meeting these challenges in a most professional way.

I have to thank our production managers Peter John (until July 2014) in Singapore and Emily Sanchez (further then until now) in Manila, who always were reliable partners supporting us in the Editorial office; I also want to thank Lisbeth Cranfield at Wiley—Copenhagen, who continuously provided all the necessary help and had an open ear for eventual unforeseen problems and concerns. Finally, my sin- cere thanks go to our Associate Editors, the whole editorial board, and the junior members of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, who provided hard work and much time, but—most

importantly—numerous brilliant ideas to help develop our journal in the best possible way.

From 2018 onwards, PAI, like the sister Journals (Allergy, Clinical, and Translational Allergy) belongs in part to the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. We can predict that this will further fertilize promotion and facilitate communication among the global sci- entific community in the future.

For me, it is time to pass the baton in the Editorial office. I am more than happy to see that Professor Philippe Eigenmann from the University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland, a highly qualified re- searcher and allergist and also a long- term good friend, will take over.

With the support of our Managing Editor Doris Kollmann, who will continue to serve, and with a new team of Associate Editors, Philippe will fertilize the future development of our journal, so that for the years to come, this global platform for pediatric allergists will continue to have a visible place in the Champion’s League of scientific journals.

Good luck, Philippe!

Ulrich Wahn

Dear readers of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology,

It happens to all of us to only realize when you get near to it, what it means to have a new commitment. This is what is happening these days to me with my new job at PAI. PAI is a jewel that has been created and perfected by 3 Editor- in- Chief and editorial teams, but which really only lives thanks to our scientific community. You make it exist by reading it, publishing in it, recommending it, and citing it, but foremost because it is part of your scientific life. This should remain.

Nevertheless, the scientific world is changing quickly and we will adapt to new ways of communication, and to all tools which IT is providing now, and will provide in the future.

I am most privileged to have the commitment of a great team to go on. Doris Kollmann, the current Managing Editor, has accepted to continue to work with us. To the new team of Associate Editors who will handle the manuscript review process, I welcome Marina Atanaskovic- Markovic, Motohiro Ebisawa, Jon Genuneit, Ömer Kalayci, Jennifer Koplin, Hugh Sampson, and Alexandra Santos.

Besides scientific excellence, they are also representatives of the worldwide outreach of PAI we acknowledge and want to develop.

Also, we could not work with the efficient and professional publish- ing backbone provided by Wiley. Last but not least, we are part of EAACI. Our Academy is a dynamic, fastly moving platform for ex- change and education. This is best portrayed by our juniors who have become over the years essential players not only for dissemi- nation of PAI, for example, in social media, but are also contributing From left to right: Ulrich Wahn, Doris Kollmann, Paolo Matricardi






to the dynamism of PAI with their scientific contributions. This will be nurtured.

Now, back to work—it is time to go on! But not without thanking the outgoing team, Ulrich Wahn, Paolo Matricardi, Doris Kollmann,

and many others who cannot be all named, for their commitment to PAI and their excellent work over these last eight years.

To all of you, I wish that PAI will continue providing your primary source of inspiration in your daily professional life.

Philippe Eigenmann

Marina Atanaskovic-Markovic Motohiro Ebisawa Ömer Kalayci

Doris Kollmann Philippe Eigenmann

Alexandra Santos Hugh Sampson Jennifer Koplin Jon Genuneit



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