At the age of 20, she was able to enter Radcliffe college

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When Helen Adams Keller was nineteen months old, she had a severe illness that left her blind and deaf (she couldn’t see and hear). But despite blindness and deafness, she could communicate with others.

At the age of six, her parents took her to see Alexander Graham Bell, famous teacher of the deaf and inventor of the telephone. As a result of Bell’s advice, Helen started learning.

She soon learnt the finger-tip or manual alphabet as well as Braille.

By placing her fingers on the lips and throat of her teachers, she could understand them.

Three years after mastering the manual alphabet, she was able to speak herself.

At the age of 20, she was able to enter Radcliffe college. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1904 with honors. She used text books in Braille. Although Helen spent a lot of time working for the blind and deaf, she managed to write several books.

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a- Read the text carefully and answer the following questions:

- How many paragraphs are there in the text - In which paragraph is it mentioned that:

• Helen was also a writer

• Helen regained the ability to speak

b- Read the following statements and write “True” or “False” or “not mentioned”

1- Helen Keller was born deaf.

2- At Radcliffe, her teacher was a woman.

3- Her results were very bad.

4- Helen helped blind people.

c- Find in the text words that have the following definitions:

1- ………..= a person who cannot hear.

2- ………..= a person who cannot see.

3- ………= something that we do by hand.

4- ………=Books that pupils use in the class with a teacher.

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Siège-:6, Rue Ali Boumendjel ROUIBA - 021 85.62.04/05-Fax 021

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a- Complete this table:

) ( # # #













b- Put in can/ could/ was able/will be able to:

1- Louis Braille………invent the Braille system.

2- Last year I………speak a little English. Now I……….. Communicate easily. I …………. Write articles for the “Guardian newspaper who knows?

c- Match the sentences in column A with their function in column B

* $ * $ +

Helen could communicate with others She could be very intelligent.

Can I use your book

Could you write Helen’s biography for me, please?

Request Permission Ability Possibility

d- Pick out from the text two words with the sound /I/ and 2 words with the sound /I:/


Think of a person that had difficult conditions or physical problems, but he/ she was able to overtake them. Write a paragraph (6 lines). The following questions will help you.

- Who was the person?

- What kind of problem was it? (physical/ economical)….etc.

- What couldn’t he/ she do?

- How did he/ she managed to surpass it?

- Did she/he succeed?

" , " $ -


! " ! #

! " # $ % &# $'

a- There are 4 paragraphs:

1- in paragraph 4 2- In paragraph 3 b-

1- False

2- Not mentioned 3- False

4- True c-

1- Deaf 2- Blind 3- Manual 4- Text books

() $ * + , % -# $'


. / $ $ # / $ # #

To take Understand To use To spend


Understood Used


Token Understood Used

Spent 2-

a- Louis Braille was able to write the Braille system.

b- Last year I could speak a little English, Now I can communicate easily. I’ll be able to write articles for the “Guardian” newspaper.

Who knows?

c- 1→3 2→4 3→2


! " ! #

4→1 d-

. .

Illness Six Lips

Nineteen Teacher Speak Received





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