He lived from 1570-1606s. He was a Roman Catholic. He protested against King

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Robin Hood

He lived in about 1 100 in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham in England.

He robbed the rich to help the poor.

Guy Fawkes

He lived from 1570-1606s. He was a Roman Catholic. He protested against King

James 1 st. He tried to blow up Parliament ! He was executed.

What nationality was Robin Hood ?

What happened to Guy Fawkes ?


This is a festival on October 31 st.

Halloween means « Holy Evening ». There are ghosts, demons and witches on Halloween night !

What is Halloween ?


A greek hero involved in many adventures with Cyclops (giant with one

eye) and sirens (who are part fish, part girl).

Who is Cyclops ?

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A strange imaginary beast with a human head and a lion’s body. It’s legend from ancient Greece. It represent the power of the King.


These are « Inidentified Flying Objects ».

They are also called « flying saucers ».

Some are possibly meteors or balloons.

Some are just light effects. Nobody knows if they really exist.

What nis the Sphin’s body ?

What’s the other name for UFO’s ?


They are huge snakes or lizards with wings and terrifying claws. They breathe fire. Hercules, St George and other heroes killed dragons. The chinese like Dragons, they think Dragons are Gods.

Who like dragons ?

The hobbit

A hobbit is smaller than a normal adult (about half the size). They are often fat and like to wear green and yellow. They doesn’t speak English

Is it a true story ?

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