Future perspectives

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Summary and future perspectives

7.2 Future perspectives

Due to the system limitations and components maintenance, some of the tasks are left over to be completed in future. Along with these, some other issues mentioned below can also be taken into account.

Sub-pixel drift compensation: The drift compensation explained in chapter 3 is capable of correcting the global image drift. However, from the performed experiments, we found the existence of some uncorrected pixels after compensation (see figure 7.1).

From the analysis, we came to know that these pixels come from the conducting regions on the sample and it shows that the electron beam drifts more towards the conducting regions resulting in a pixel level drift. So to perform accurate measurements from the images, it is necessary to implement sub-pixel drift compensation.

Figure 7.1: Disparity map showing the corrected and uncorrected pixels.

Fine depth estimation: The inter-object depth detection explained inchapter4can only provide coarse depth, since it uses focus information. This is acceptable for some applications where the objects are large enough. However, to perform manipulations with good precision, it is recommended to find a way to estimate the fine depth. As an example, we can refer to the work performed by Eichhorn et al. [EFW+08] where they have used atouch down sensor to detect the contact between two surfaces and to estimate the fine depth.

7.2 Future perspectives 135 Positioning control of microrobotic actuator: Due to the system space limita-tions, the microrobot positioning is not performed during this thesis. It is planned to perform this task in the near future on an other SEM with bigger vacuum chamber.

Both the methods explained in chapter 5 will be considered for this purpose. Apart from that, the future work also includes to improve the positioning control in terms of accuracy.

Micropart handling using vision and force information: One of our main goals for the future is to perform a complete manipulation task that requires precise handling of the micro / nano-objects. Example applications could be probing a nanowire (figure 7.2(a)), handling microspheres (figure7.2(b)) and electrical characterization of nanowires (figure7.2(c)). In order to perform this, it is required to integrate the force information (coming from gripper fingers) along with vision information. To accomplish this task, a dual mode control strategy has to be designed that can switch between force and visual control.

30 µm 5 µm (b) (a)

2 µm (c)

Figure 7.2: (a) Nanowire probing (b) handling microspheres (c) electrical characteriza-tion of nanowires. Images courtesy: (a) and (b) Kleindiek Nanotechnik GmbH (c) Gu et al. [GYGG05].

3D reconstruction of standing acoustic waves for surface characterization:

3D Visualization of the standing acoustic waves on the crystal surfaces is very useful for the surface characterization and observing defects (figure7.3). While performing the 3D reconstruction of these waves, it is necessary to take into account the spatial distortion.

Even though the spatial distortion is not high with SEM imaging, it is recommended to develop a method to compensate this effect. Moreover, the focus-based 3D surface reconstruction method explained in chapter4need to be tuned i.e. to modify the depth of focus according to the size of the waves.

Figure 7.3: Standing acoustic waves observed on the surface of LiNbO3 [RBT94].

Software testing and migration to new SEM: Even though, the developed soft-ware application (APROS3) is running well in most of the cases, it has not tested thoroughly. Also due to the time constraint, the nanopositioning module is not included in the final interface. So for the future work, it is highly recommended to perform an overall unit testing and to integrate the positioning module. Once this task is finished, it is planned to transfer all the developments made along with the software application to another SEM (Carl Zeiss Auriga 60 with a FEG) in our department.


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