Publications françaises

Etape 1 (primary care OR primary health care OR primary healthcare OR family practice OR family physician* OR general practice OR general practitioner*

OR GP OR GPs)/ti,ab OR (primary health care OR physicians, family OR family practice)/de

Janv 05 Juil. 15



Etape 2 anxiety disorder*/ti OR Anxiety Disorders/de OR depress*/ti OR Depression/de OR Depressive Disorder/de OR bipolar*/ti OR Bipolar Disorder/de OR schizophreni*/ti OR psychosis/ti OR psychotic/ti OR psychotics/ti OR Schizophrenia and Disorders with Psychotic Features/de OR mental health/ti OR Mental Health/de OR mental disorder*/ti OR Mental Disorders/de


Etape 3 (care collaboration OR collaborative care OR collaborative management OR collaborative strategy OR collaborative strategies OR collaborative working OR care coordination OR coordinated care OR coordinated management OR coordinated strategy OR coordinated strategies OR coordinated working OR cooperat* OR care cooperation OR cooperative care OR cooperative management OR cooperative strategy OR cooperative strategies OR cooperative working OR care operation OR operative care OR co-operative management OR co-co-operative strategy OR co-co-operative strategies OR co-operative working OR shared care OR shared management OR shared strategy OR shared strategies OR joint care OR joint management OR joint strategy OR joint strategies OR joint working)/ti,ab OR (partner* OR team* OR multimodalit* OR multidisciplinary OR interdisciplinary OR interprofessional)/ti,ab OR Interprofessional Relations/de OR Patient Care Team/de OR (synergy OR synergistic)/ti,ab OR (transfer* OR care

transition* OR transition care OR transition* of care OR transition* of caring OR transitional care OR transitional caring OR continuum of care OR care continuity OR continuity of care)/ti,ab OR Continuity of Patient Care/de OR Patient Handoff/de OR (delegat* OR skill mix)/ti,ab OR (care bundle* OR bundle of care OR care management program* OR care model* OR care pathway* OR care protocol* OR care strategies OR care strategy OR chronic disease care OR chronic care model* OR chronic disease model*

OR chronic illness care OR chronic illness model* OR clinical model* OR clinical pathway* OR clinical protocol* OR clinical strategies OR clinical strategy OR critical pathway* OR critical protocol* OR disease

management)/ti,ab OR Critical Pathways/de OR Disease Management/de OR Long-Term Care/de OR (integration OR integrating OR integrated care OR integrated management OR integrated strategy OR integrated strategies OR integrated working)/ti,ab OR (management model* OR management strategies OR management strategy OR healthcare organi*ation)/ti,ab OR (Delivery of Health Care, Integrated OR Patient Care Planning)/de OR Organizational Innovation/de OR (patient centered OR patient centeredness OR patient centred OR patient centredness OR centered OR patient-centeredness OR patient-centred OR patient-centredness OR person centered OR person centeredness OR person centred OR person centredness OR centered OR centeredness OR person-centred OR person-person-centredness)/ti,ab OR Patient-Centered Care/de OR case management/ti,ab OR Case Management/de


Etape 4 (France OR francais* OR french)/ti,ab OR France/de OR (France OR francais* OR French)/affiliation OR (France OR francais* OR

French)/AuteurColl OR (France OR francais* OR French)/NomRevue

Recommandations, Conférences de consensus Janv 05

Juil. 15

33 Etape 1 AND Etape 2 AND Etape 3


Etape 5 (guidance OR guideline*)/ti OR guideline/type OR health planning guidelines/de OR practice guideline/type OR (Consensus Development Conference, NIH OR Consensus Development Conference)/type OR

(consensus OR position paper OR recommendation* OR statement*)/ti

Méta-analyses, Revues systématiques Janv 05

Juil. 15

60 Etape 1 AND Etape 2 AND Etape 3


Etape 6 (meta analys* OR metaanalys* OR analys*)/ti,ab OR meta-analysis/type OR (systematic literature review* OR systematic literature search* OR systematic overview* OR systematic review* OR systematical literature review* OR systematical overview* OR systematical review* OR OR systematically review* OR systematically search* OR systematically research*)/ti,ab OR Cochrane Database Syst Rev/revue OR Health Technol Assess/revue

Essais cliniques, Etudes comparatives, Etudes multicentriques Janv 05 Juil. 15

91 Etape 1 AND Etape 2 AND Etape 3


Etape 7 clinical trial*/ti,ab OR Clinical Trial/type OR Controlled Clinical Trial/type OR random*/ti,ab OR Random Allocation/de OR Randomized Controlled Trial/type OR single-blind/ti,ab OR Single-Blind Method/de OR double-blind/ti,ab OR Double-Blind Method/de OR multicenter study/ti,ab OR multicenter studies/ti,ab OR multicentre study/ti,ab OR multicentre

studies/ti,ab OR Multicenter Study/type OR over study/ti,ab OR cross-over studies/ti,ab OR Cross-Over Studies/de OR comparative study/titre OR comparative studies/titre OR Comparative Study/type

Etudes de cohortes Janv 05

Juil. 15

24 Etape 1 AND Etape 2 AND Etape 3


Etape 8 Cohort Studies/de OR cohort*/ti OR follow-up study/ti OR follow-up studies/ti OR Follow-Up Studies/de OR prospective study/ti OR prospective studies/ti OR Prospective Studies/de OR longitudinal study/ti OR longitudinal studies/ti OR Longitudinal Studies/de

Etudes de pratiques Janv 05

Juil. 15

27 Etape 1 AND Etape 2 AND Etape 3


Etape 9 (practices OR pattern* OR trend*)/ti OR (practice* pattern* OR pattern* of care OR practice* trend* OR trend* of care OR current practice* OR usual practice*)/ti,ab OR (Physician's Practice Patterns OR Nurse's Practice Patterns OR Attitude of Health Personnel)/de OR survey*/ti OR ((Health Personnel OR Health Occupations) AND (Interviews as Topic OR Questionnaires OR Health Care Surveys))/de OR Delivery of Health Care/standards/de OR (regist* OR observator*)/ti OR Registries/de OR (project* OR pilot* OR experience* OR experiment*)/ti


(attitude* OR behavio*r* OR discourse* OR experience* OR interview* OR narrative* OR stories OR story)/ti


(doctor* attitude* OR doctor* behavio*r* OR doctor* discourse* OR doctor*

experience* OR doctor* interview* OR doctor* narrative* OR doctor*

practice* OR doctor* stories OR doctor* story OR general practitioner*

attitude* OR general practitioner* behavio*r* OR general practitioner*

discourse* OR general practitioner* experience* OR general practitioner*

interview* OR general practitioner* narrative* OR general practitioner*

practice* OR general practitioner* stories OR general practitioner* story OR GP* attitude* OR GP* behavio*r* OR GP* discourse* OR GP* experience*

OR GP* interview* OR GP* narrative* OR GP* practice* OR GP* stories OR GP* story OR nurse* attitude* OR nurse* behavio*r* OR nurse* discourse*

OR nurse* experience* OR nurse* interview* OR nurse* narrative* OR nurse* practice* OR nurse* stories OR nurse* story OR physician* attitude*

OR physician* behavio*r* OR physician* discourse* OR physician*

experience* OR physician* interview* OR physician* narrative* OR physician* practice* OR physician* stories OR physician* story OR

specialist* attitude* OR specialist* behavio*r* OR specialist* discourse* OR specialist* experience* OR specialist* interview* OR specialist* narrative*

OR specialist* practice* OR specialist* stories OR specialist* story OR professionnal* attitude* OR professionnal* behavio*r* OR professionnal*

discourse* OR professionnal* experience* OR professionnal* interview* OR

professionnal* narrative* OR professionnal* practice* OR professionnal*

(efficient OR efficiency OR efficacy OR effectivness OR effectiveness OR performance OR impact OR effect* OR consequence* OR utility OR useful OR usefulness OR outcome)/ti OR ("Outcome Assessment (Health Care)"

OR Treatment Outcome OR Health Impact Assessment OR Program Evaluation OR prognosis OR patient satisfaction)/de

Etudes économiques Janv 05

Juil. 15

6 Etape 1 AND Etape 2 AND Etape 3


(econom* OR cost* OR cost*benefit OR cost*effectivness OR cost*effectiveness OR cost utility OR QALY OR cost* of illness OR healthcare cost* OR health care cost* OR societal cost* OR financ* OR spend* OR spent OR burden of disease OR expensive OR inexpensive OR pric* OR reimbursement)/ti OR (economics OR costs and cost analysis OR fees and charges OR Budgets OR Cost Allocation OR Cost Control OR Cost of Illness OR Cost Savings OR Cost-Benefit Analysis OR Quality-Adjusted Life Years OR Economics, Hospital OR Economics, Medical OR Economics, Nursing OR Economics OR Financial Management, Hospital OR Financial Management OR financing, government OR Social Security OR Insurance, Health, Reimbursement OR Financing, Personal OR Health Care Costs OR health care sector OR Health Planning Support OR Cost Sharing OR Insurance Benefits OR Insurance Carriers OR Insurance Claim Review OR Insurance Coverage OR Social Security OR Medical Indigency OR Purchasing, Hospital)/de

Amélioration de la qualité Janv 05

Juil. 15

((guideline* OR guidance* OR recommendation*) AND adherence)/ti OR (accreditation OR certification OR audit OR peer review* OR review criteria OR reminder*)/ti OR (Health Plan Implementation OR Accreditation OR Certification OR Benchmarking OR Professional Review Organizations OR Peer Review, Health Care OR Utilization Review OR Reminder Systems OR Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms OR Process Assessment (Health Care) OR Quality Improvement OR Education, Continuing OR Learning Curve OR Inservice Training)/de OR implement*/ti OR (Guideline Adherence OR Quality Control OR Quality Indicators, Health Care OR Total Quality

Management OR Clinical Audit OR Guideline Adherence OR Quality Control OR Quality Indicators, Health Care OR Total Quality Management OR Clinical Audit OR Quality Assurance, Health Care/standards)/de OR ((quality OR performance OR competence) AND (evaluat* OR indicator* OR criteria OR criterium OR measur* OR assess* OR improv* OR standard* OR control* OR management))/ti OR quality indicator*/ti

Autres publications sur la qualité Janv 05

Juil. 15

quality/ti OR Quality of Health Care/de

Evénements indésirables Janv 05

risk/ti OR (adverse effect* OR adverse event* OR side effect* OR undesirable event* OR complain* OR complicat* OR safe OR safety OR secure OR security OR harmful OR unsafe OR warning*)/ti,ab OR (precaution* OR harm)/ti OR (Mental Disorders/complications OR Risk Management OR Safety)/de OR (damage* OR mal*practice* OR mistak* OR clinical error* OR medical error*)/ti,ab OR (malpractice OR medical errors OR Iatrogenic Disease)/de OR (miss OR missed OR missing)/ti OR (((delayed OR late) diagnosis) OR ((delayed OR late) recognition) OR ((delayed OR late) assessment) OR ((delayed OR late) detection))/ti,ab OR

delayed diagnosis/de OR (under*diagnos* OR un*diagnos* OR

non*diagnos* OR under*recogniz* OR un*recogniz* OR non*recogniz* OR under*recognition OR un*recognition OR non*recognition OR under*assess*

OR un*assess* OR non*assess* OR under*detect* OR un*detect* OR non*detect* OR over*diagnos* OR over*recogniz* OR over*recognition OR over*assess* OR over*detect* OR under*treat* OR un*treat* OR

non*treat*)/ti,ab OR (((delayed OR late) treatment) OR ((delayed OR late) therapy) OR ((delayed OR late) management) OR over*treat*)/ti,ab

Freins Janv 05

barrier*/ti OR obstacle*/ti OR difficulty/ti OR difficulties/ti OR challenge*/ti OR needs/ti OR prevent/ti OR prevents/ti OR resist*/ti OR obstruct*/ti OR inhibit*/ti OR forbid*/ti OR imped*/ti OR prohibit*/ti OR hamper*/ti OR block*/ti OR Health Services Accessibility/de OR Organizational Culture/de

Coopération avec un médecin généraliste pour la prise en charge des troubles


Dans le document Coordination entre le médecin généraliste et les différents acteurs de soins dans la prise en charge des patients adultes souffrant de troubles mentaux (Page 115-118)